Form Vs Intent

Form vs Intent Jacques de Villiers author

Many students are of the view that they just need to pass their exams with the bare minimum allowed marks. If they pass, they’ll get that high school certificate or their university degree. The idea being that a high school certificate will get them into university and that a university degree will get them a job. They miss the point of the exercise. It is not about the result but the process. The trick to […]

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The Shallows

The Shallows, Jacques de Villiers motivational speaker

I was at the beach a couple of weeks ago. When I swam I stayed in the shallows. Every now and again, I’d spot a small fish or some sea shells. It was pleasant enough. But after a while I got bored. Seriously, one can only body surf for so much. When I’m at the sea, I always want swim deeper and further out. I never do. The bottom line is that I’m scared. I’m […]

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The Profane Creator

Profane Creator spiritual motivational speaker Jacques de Villiers

The more I play on this planet the more I realise that there is no difference between the sacred and the profane. The mundane, material and carnal activities that we do in this world are sacred. Going to work, studying, feeding a baby or changing a lightbulb is divine. If we so choose, any day-to-day activity can have a significant meaning. There are no small tasks, only God’s tasks. That we get to take out […]

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