November 22, 2021

Move it up

Mindfulness speaker, Jacques de Villiers

Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and have a small panic attack because you feel as if you’re running out of road and running out of time?

I do. I have plans for my life, but these might not be the plans that are destined for me, and I might be called back to Eden before I can manifest them.

I’ve decided to move things up and get as much out of this experience as I can. I’m not going to wait for ‘when the time is right’ or for ‘when I’m ready’. I’m doing shit now. I’m starting my new books, now. I’m loving myself, now. I’m taking those trips, now. I’m telling the woman in my life, “I love you”, now. I’m taking my sister for lunch, now. I’m telling you who are reading this how much I appreciate you, now.

Maybe you want to join me and move things up. Don’t kid yourself, there’s never going to be a perfect moment to do this. Well, there is … and, it’s now.

Remember, you have everything that is needed for this extravagant journey that is your life. When you were born, you were born full, not empty. There’s no reason to strive for things to fill you. You’re overfull of potential, love and grace. Strive for things because it is pleasurable and because it pleases your creator. Your creator is always pleased when you are pleased, when you are pure potential, when you manifest the light in you, when you hold your power, when you’re YOU.

Go now, after you’ve read this piece, go and make that connection, give that hug, tell someone who needs to hear it that you love them (and, whilst you’re about it, tell yourself that you love you).

Go now!

One Comment on “Move it up

Alison Weihe
August 31, 2022 at 4:25 pm

I LOVE this piece Jacques!
It speaks straight to my heart!
Thank you
Thank you for being in my life
Thank you for being a part of walking me home.


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