Rainmaker, Jacques de Villiers crafts solutions to help companies like yours hit your number!

Let me help you get control of your marketing and sales so that you can fill your pipeline with quality leads, close more deals and grow your company.


If you want to triumph, you've in the right place

Like the majority of sales professionals you no doubt want to be secure, significant, successful and triumphant, don’t you?

In your and my world that means that we need more quality leads, fuller sales pipelines and to close more deals more consistently, doesn’t it?

If you’re not hitting your sales targets it may not be your fault because like most of us, you’ve been taught what to do but not how to do it. You’re expected to produce results without being given the tools to achieve them.

That’s where I live … in the process part. I help you maximise your inherent talent and potential by teaching you the tools of your chosen profession so that you can triumph both professionally and personally.

If you want to generate more leads and close more deals more consistently so that you can be successful, check out some of my offerings below. 

To make sure that you are successful I have handpicked specialists to help you in certain areas where I have a working knowledge but not the requisite skill.

Reach out and connect with me and let’s figure out how I can help you become secure, fulfilled, happy and triumphant.

Sales Training

We run a number of sales training interventions to help new hires and seasoned sales professional succeed.

Sales Management Consulting

We come in on a contract basis to help improve your sales results by implementing effective sales processes.

Sales Management Training

We help sales managers hit their number by becoming leaders that the team wants to follow.

Influence and Persuasion Training

We train sales professionals and marketers in the neuroscience and social sciences to help them become effective persuaders.

Sales Copywriting

We help companies craft effective sales letters for websites, email campaigns and sales landing pages.

Prospecting Scripts

We help companies craft effective prospecting scripts to generate quality sales meetings and to sell over the phone.

Sales Presentation Skills Training

We help companies to craft winning sales pitches and we teach sales professionals how to pitch effectively.

Lead Magnets

We craft lead magnets and lead funnels so that you can collect the emails of qualified prospects to sell to.

Social Selling

We design and implement social media strategies to build your brand and generate qualified leads.

Reach out and connect with me

I’ll help you to succeed at selling so that you can triumph professionally and personally.

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