About Jacques de Villiers

I am Jacques de Villiers, Rainmaker.


I specialise in helping companies and individuals maximise their sales results.


I’m an effective, erudite and slightly eccentric facilitator of time-proven and field-tested lead generation, sales and customer relationship management interventions – refined over 1000s of hours of training, speaking and consulting. My client testimonials attest to that.


If you’re using your valuable time to review my profile then you are most likely looking for ways to optimise your sales. I can help you!


Even though most experts will give you the same spin (although most wont admit to being slightly eccentric) I bring a unique blend of skills to my clients:


I have been called on to deliver solutions to a diversity of customers from Malmesbury to Milan!

My sales experience is not theoretical. I have been in the trenches.


Since 1998 I’ve led 10 sales teams to better results.


I’ve spent 100s of hours coaching and training my teams, sitting in prospects’ offices listening to my people pitch and been on more ride-alongs than I can remember.


When writing is required, I draw on the experience of having written more than 7-million words over the past 20 years. Amongst the titles of the 10 books I have authored are The Architecture of Selling and Stop Losing Sales Now – How to Handle and Overcome Objections.

Finally, I understand the humanity of this highly competitive field and the importance of maintaining balance.


Not only do I focus on the process of sales but also on developing human excellence and the components thereof, including: attitude, drive, self-esteem, resilience, fulfilment and the like.


When I’m not training, speaking, writing or consulting you’ll find me playing chess, catching bass or spending time with my family.


Let me help you and your sales team maximise your sales results through a combination of offerings that will help you increase:

– Lead generation

– Sales

– Customer retention