Watch this short video first. If its philosophy resonates, then you and I can work together to create something quite wonderful and create your magnum opus so that you can leave a legacy to be proud of.

Write Your Legacy

Write a story worth telling. Leave a legacy worth sharing. Create your magnum opus. Move the dial a little bit for the greater good of all those you connect with … you and I have less time than we think.

To this end, I help solopreneurs, business owners, sales professionals, lightworkers, wayshowers and leaders clarify their contribution, tell better stories and make better choices so that they can attract the life they dream of, both personally and professionally.


coaching with Jacques de Villiers


Find congruence, consciousness, clarity and connection so that you can achieve mastery of all you do. Take the masterpiece that you are and create a masterwork. Go on, write your legacy and your magnum opus.

Workshops facilitated by Jacques de Villiers can be run online or in person.

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If you’ve lost your mojo and need to reconnect with you so that you can navigate this journey elegantly and eloquently, reach out to Jacques.

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If you’re looking for an inspirational speaker to kindle a spark and give your team belief, then consider Become A Masterful Masterpiece Manifesting a Masterwork for your next event.

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I write marketing manifestos for transformational, bold and extraordinary humans who are too busy being useful, denting the universe and leaving an enduring legacy to be bothered with the heavy lifting it takes to effectively market and sell.

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No matter how fractured you feel right now, this book is Kintsugi for the soul; filling the cracks in your life with gold to make you strong, resilient, fulfilled and happy.

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If you’re a managing director of a company turning over R12-million to R20-million and don’t have a sales manager to drive sales, let’s talk.

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It’s part of the work you’ve chosen to do here to reach the people that need you. One of the best ways I know how is telling your compelling story on LinkedIn.

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Even though words are as elusive as sprites and as slippery as quicksilver, I know how to wrangle them into something exceptional. I know how to help you tell your epic story.

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I’ve been writing copy for a long time now (circa 1994) when I started as a junior copywriter at a mining firm. You name it, I can write it.

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Discover how to manifest with Estelle Kapp and Jacques de Villiers on June 7.

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