Rainmaker, Jacques de Villiers crafts solutions to help companies like yours hit your number!

Let me help you get control of your marketing and sales so that you can fill your pipeline with quality leads, close more deals and grow your company.


The two challenges sales professionals face

Underperforming in sales, and pretty much anything else for that matter, boils down to two words: skill and attitude.


The tools of your trade: prospecting, questioning, listening, pitching, overcoming objections, closing, referrals, customer relationship management, up selling & cross selling, key account management, time management and the like.

Freshly minted sales professionals needs the attitude, skills and the foundational training that will set them up to succeed in sales.


This is more nuanced and difficult to pin down. But it’s really the head and heart arena: self-esteem, self-image, drive, discipline, resilience, fire-in-the-belly, intellectual, emotional & spiritual intelligence and the like. 

Seasoned sales professionals have the skills. However, their attitude, motivation and enthusiasm for the task may have waned.

My quest is to help both freshly minted and seasoned sales professionals navigate a smooth path to selling more successfully so that they can feel secure, significant, fulfilled and grateful, both professionally and personally.

Freshly Minted?

If you’re a young sales hire and you want to carve your mark in this world financially, then let us help you get your sales foundations set up so that you can win.

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Over 35 and lost the motivation to fight on? Let us put the fight back into the sales dog so that the dog can get back into the fight. Get over the finish line in great shape.

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Sales Leader?

As the sales leader it’s your role to lead both your freshly minted and seasoned sales professionals. It’s a nuanced balancing act to effectively run a sales team.

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