Jacques de Villiers - Legacy Writer

Write Your Epic Legacy Story

Imagine that you have a book, a compelling message and a brilliant bio that’ll build your brand, attract customers to your cause and boost your bank account.

How might your life be different as a consequence?

Unleash Your Epic Legacy Story

If you have an epic story (and you do) and you want to unleash it on the world, but don’t know how to write it, then get me to write it for you.

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Attract Customers To Your Cause

I will help write your first 300 cornerstone marketing words for you. The tip of the spear, so to speak.

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Bio Like A Boss

If your bio is like the lovechild of a LinkedIn profile, Spock and Mr. Bean … cold, logical and a little sad, let me help you.

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About Jacques

My eccentric, eclectic and engaging life has shaped me as a writer, speaker and human being. My view of the world may be useful to you.

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Read My Blog

I write about things that interest, inspire and ignite me so that I can navigate this journey elegantly and eloquently. You may find it useful.

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Read My Book

This piece of text is Kintsugi for the soul; filling the cracks in your life with gold to make you strong, resilient, fulfilled and happy.

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