September 2, 2021

The Point Of Purpose

The point of purpose

You’ve probably heard all these motivational sorts talk about finding your purpose.

But a purpose is not to be found … just by being born, we’ve already found and fulfilled our purpose.

We tend to confuse purpose with an outcome. You’ve probably heard things like:

– My family is my purpose.
– My purpose is to make a difference.
– My purpose is to help the destitute find loving homes.
– My purpose is to be a good person so that I can get to heaven.

You catch my drift. It’s all outcomes based.

When we open our eyes, we see everything coming at us. We are central to everything. We are essentially the point of the whole exercise.

This story that we are in was written to enchant and enthral us. We were created to witness this magnificent play that was crafted for us.

When we witness a beautiful piece of art, listen to an entrancing piece of music or see a majestic mountain range, it’s appropriate to be in awe of it all.

Our purpose is to enjoy everything that has been written for us. We are the point. We are the outcome. Our purpose is not to get an outcome.

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