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14/09/20 We’re Just Walking Each Other Home
12/09/20 – Pick a Lane
08/06/20 – Witchcraft and Heresy
31/05/20 – Ghost
24/05/20 – Those People
17/05/20 – Why I Write Long Articles
10/05/20 – Do Your Use A Crayon Or A Fountain Pen?
03/05/20 – I’m Addicted To Like
26/04/20 – Gemoedsbekakking
20/04/20 – Don’t Lose Your Shape
16/04/20 – You Can’t Have Two Tom Cats In The Same Litter Box
12/04/20 – Days. Weeks. Months. Who Knows

About the Author

Jacques de Villiers is a legacy writer, professional speaker and workshop facilitator. He’s the author of What if Hollywood Doesn’t Call? A Fractured Monk’s Guide to Enlightenment.