Signature Keynotes

My signature keynote addresses are intellectually stimulating, thought-provoking and inspiring pieces of process to help answer one question: How do we triumph as human beings?

The underpinning philosophy is one of courtesy and deliberateness

Courtesy entails being appropriate in every situation and setting others up for success. 

Deliberateness entails using every situation one finds oneself in as a process exercise to grow and triumph as a human being. 

What If Hollywood Doesn't Call?

This keynote was crafted to help your teams rediscover the joy of work so that they come to it for something bigger than a paycheque. 

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The Warrior Code

This keynote seeks to help build the mental toughness that is needed in times of volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity.

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What If You Get A Pug?

This keynote was designed to answer the questions of how to deal with challenges, constraints and pitfalls so that you can be a triumphant human being, not matter what.

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