Motivational Speakers In South Africa

So, I guess you’re on this page because you’re looking for a motivational speaker for your next event?


The question you should ask the motivational speaker you engage with is this:


90 days after your keynote address, what will be the impact on my staff, both professionally and personally and, what will be the gain for my business?

He or she is going to tell you a story of the impact the keynote will have over 90 days and beyond.


He or she will be lying if they give you the the typical BS: increase in productivity, more motivated, awesome attitudes, inspired staff.


Science backs me up when I say that a motivational speaker is lucky if he or she is remembered after the first gin and tonic at the end of the conference day.


Science says, that probably 80% of what the speaker sprouted forth will be forgotten within a week.


And, without reinforcement of the message, there’s no chance in hell that anything will be remembered in 90 days.


Your staff will go back to its default setting, whatever that was before the motivational speaker said his or her speech.


I’ve been in the speaking game for more than 20 years so I know exactly how much impact a speaker has. And it is not as much as us professional speakers like to think.


So, do I do it differently? Maybe:

top motivational speakers jaques de villiers

You’ll get an inspiring keynote with a customised message based on your brief. There’s no doubt that your staff will be fired up (check out some of the testimonials I’ve received). But, big deal, most good professional speakers will get the same result.


What I do differently is that for 90 days after my keynote address, I engage in a micro learning process with the delegates.


All the key points are fleshed out into learning points and distributed on a weekly basis to make sure that the key messages become ingrained in the delegate’s psyche.


Let’s be honest, a 1-hour keynote can only deliver concept and not real detail. As you know, the devil’s in the detail, so’s the learning.


Each of my 3 signature keynotes have a definite learning path to make sure that the delegates are well-equipped for the future.


jacques de villiers speechwriterI’m a prolific speech writer and have penned many speeches for my own account and other speakers.


So, if my three signature keynotes don’t work for where you want to take your staff, I have others that could be useful to you.

I cover topics like:




Digital marketing

LinkedIn and social selling


Finding purpose


Every keynote I present is underpinned by my philosophy of human ++, the other and, awe and gratitude.

Since 1998, I’ve presented 1200+ times both locally and internationally (Iran, Italy, Australia and Mauritius).


Check out the keynotes below and if any of them resonate with you, connect with me.

Signature Keynotes

Three of my favourite keynotes that are requested most often.

If you’d like me to send you a PDF document with all three of them to save you the time of looking at each one individually, pop to this page and gimme an email address and I’ll get it to you asap.

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