April 3, 2018

The Profane Creator

Profane Creator spiritual motivational speaker Jacques de Villiers

The more I play on this planet the more I realise that there is no difference between the sacred and the profane.

The mundane, material and carnal activities that we do in this world are sacred. Going to work, studying, feeding a baby or changing a lightbulb is divine.

If we so choose, any day-to-day activity can have a significant meaning. There are no small tasks, only God’s tasks.

That we get to take out the trash is a mundane task so worthy of awe and gratitude.

I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to take out the trash every day for the rest of my journey here. It means I get to play a while longer. I get to love here. I get to cry here. I get to experience here. I get to live.

There is divine in everything we do. And, it is up to us to realise this and be grateful for even the most mundane aspects of our lives.

Something like breathing is a mundane activity, isn’t it? We seldom give it thought, do we? But, stop breathing and see how our world comes crumbling down in an instant.

If we reflect on it, what divine conspiracy had to come into play so that you and I could take out the trash?

All I know is that there’s four billion years or so of a grand design to allow you and me to be able to do the mundane.

No matter how tiresome the task, it’s still a blessing.

Every hum drum activity is an opportunity to polish our intent so that we get to Eden in good shape.

The way we conduct ourselves in even the most menial activity reveals our character. Everything we do is here to shape us into the human we could become. A human that’s full of character, kindness, patience, love, gratitude and grace.

Go on, wash the dishes and rejoice because it’s all sacred.

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