January 10, 2024

Quest 2024 – Write one article a day from 8 January 2024 to 8 January 2025

spirituality by Jacques de Villiers

From 8 January 2024 I intend to write a 300+ word article a day for 365 days, barring weekends.

The core theme will be how to navigate this human experience elegantly and eloquently.

Topics that I’ll be exploring include: spirituality, quantum physics (as it relates to manifestation), and philosophy.

I’ll explore and unpack the works of: 

– Etsko Schuitema
– David R. Hawkins
– Joe Dispenza
– Carlos Castaneda
– And, others as it takes my fancy.

Since I’m the Job, I’ll test their hypotheses and use them as my gymnasium to help me live an elegant and eloquent life.

Let’s all make 2024 and beyond something miraculous.

PS. I would love to hear what your quest is for this year. Please post it in the comments. 

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