March 21, 2018

Sales Motivational Speakers South Africa

Sales Motivational Speakers South Africa. Jacques de Villiers, best motivational speakers south africa

If you’re looking for sales motivational speakers South Africa for your next conference, consider Jacques de Villiers and his argument: The Story You Tell Is The Story You Sell!

For the last 20 years, my focus has been on tackling the findings from talent solutions organisation Chally’s study, which revealed that after interviewing 27,000 sales teams, 80% of your sales team is only achieving 42% of its target.

As a sales leader with 9 teams and over 1,500 speaking and training experiences, Chally’s statement really worried me. If you’re a sales manager, Chally’s statement should be keeping you up at night too.

My entire career has been built on trying to solve Chally’s statement.

Early in my career I realised that it wasn’t skill that was the problem for sales professionals. Most sales people knew how to conduct a proper sales meeting.

It’s not as difficult as it may seem. Start by building rapport, then deliver a compelling benefit statement, followed by a thorough needs’ analysis. This includes evaluating the ideal situation, the current situation, the obstacles hindering progress towards the ideal situation, and the dominant buying motive. Next, present your unique solution, address any objections, execute a false close, and finally make the real close using a direct question, alternate close, or T-chart method. Don’t forget to ask for referrals.

I have a workbook called The Architecture of Selling that you can download for free which covers all these aspects.

I came to the realisation that incentives and commissions were not the solution either. If salespeople are only achieving 42% of their target, commission might not be the only thing motivating them, right? If it was, most would be hitting 100% of their target, wouldn’t they?

Sales people don’t need more skills; they need more belief.

While many sales motivational speakers in South Africa focus on teaching sales skills, I specialise in teaching the importance of frequency in sales. And, the first step is moving from predatory attention (what’s in it for me) to receptive attention (what’s in it for you).

Predatory Attention versus Receptive Attention

It is apparent that most sales professionals are taught to have predatory attention. In other words, they need to go and hunt for business (we even call them hunters). The problem with that outdated world-view is that when one hunts something, one generally chases it away.

Hunting may have worked (and, it didn’t really, not at 42% of target) in the 90s when I was in sales. Hunting is no longer appropriate in our modern world. Movies that highlight aggressive sales techniques are “Glengarry Glen Ross” (featuring the well-known phrase “Always Be Closing”), “The Boiler Room“, “Wall Street,” “The Big Kahuna“, and “The Wolf of Wall Street” (based on Jordan Belfort’s life).

What is the correct answer, then? If I knew that, I’d have made billions and have retired to an island somewhere. I created a philosophy to guide salespeople towards their goals without using predatory tactics.

What I’ve been teaching sales professionals for 20 years is to have receptive attention where things come to you.

  • This is where you tap into the metaphysical and quantum world.
  • Create and manifest your dream world in a world of energy. A world of heart, mind and soul.
  • Connect with your ideal clients by understanding your and their frequency and resonating with them. As I explore this work more, I realise that the universe communicates through frequency, not English. The same is true for you and your clients. 
  • It’s the concept of power versus force. When you are predatory you are using force (and nobody wants to be forced, I promise you). Being centred and aligned with truth, having receptive attention, and prioritising your prospect will make you powerful and attract what you desire.

The Works That Drive My Sales Philosophy

All my sales processes, including coaching, training and keynote speaking, are based on the works of:

  • Carlos Castaneda – Find a path with heart
  • Joe Dispenza – Manifest in the void
  • Albert Einstein – We are energy
  • David R. Hawkins – Understanding consciousness
  • Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements
  • Bruce H. Lipton – The Biology of Belief
  • A Course In Miracles

You see, you don’t need more skill, tips and tricks to succeed in sales. You need to raise your frequency and let go of negative vibrations. Believe that you were created as a masterpiece to fulfil your divine purpose.

If my philosophy resonates with you, then you might consider speaking to me with the view to me presenting at your next event.

The Story You Tell Is The Story You Sell

I have a 1-hour keynote called “The Story You Tell Is The Story You Sell.” It has been perfected and delivered on various stages for years. Its purpose is to empower sales professionals to create the life they desire. If they win, your company wins too. It’s a good deal for everyone. 

The keynote covers:

  1. You can only perform to the level of your self-esteem. It shows you how to let go of all the negative beliefs that are holding you back.
  2. How to go from predatory attention to receptive attention.
  3. Unleashing the power of attraction. To effortlessly attract what is best for you, change your negative and repelling energy to positive and attractive energy.
  4. How to fall in love again with this amazing profession called sales. Become a noble warrior for good so that you can attract the right clients who need what you have to offer them.
  5. How to manifest all that you desire through your career in sales.


Jacques, your talk at our conference (2024) the other day, was so inspirational and opened me up to what is possible. What truly struck a chord was the exploration of the positive vs. negative energy dynamic. Your examples resonated deeply, prompting introspection and encouraging us to acknowledge the subtle ways our choices influence our state of being. The shift in focus from blaming external factors to taking responsibility for our internal energy was empowering. Barsh Chetty

The Story You Tell Is The Story You Sell was a riveting, entertaining and inspiring talk. The entire audience (150+) was fully engaged. I’ve never been more inspired by a talk than this one. When it comes to inspiration, Jacques is a legend. JP Berger

My hell, Jacques. I liken your mind to that of the great, early atomic physicist, Frijof Capra, who wrote the original Turning Point and Uncommon Wisdom. Steve Johnson

If you have the time and inclination, you can find 80 or so recommendations on LinkedIn.

Sales motivational speakers South Africa

What Next?

Let’s set up a discovery call to explore whether I’ll be the right fit for your event. You can set up a time that works for both of us, here or pop me an email here.

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Pamela Kruger
February 19, 2024 at 2:25 pm

I recently attended a networking event, where Jacques was one of 3 keynote speakers. I thoroughly enjoyed Jacques’ content, and the way that he engaged with the audience. The message was captivating and inspiring. Well done, Jacques!

Hamilton Wende
February 19, 2024 at 5:51 pm

Jacques is a fantastic speaker! Witty, literate and filled with decades of wisdom about both sales and life itself. He is an unmissable asset to any gathering.


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