March 29, 2022

Now that was from left field … panic attacks

Jacques de Villiers has panic attacks

A couple of people on this list said that I haven’t sent out a piece of text for a while. Since 8 February. Who knew?

Who knew that I’d have a massive panic attack in Fourways Mall around that time because I couldn’t find out where my car was parked.

And, they haven’t stopped since. So, it’s been a bit debilitating.

But the anxiety and panic that I’ve had to deal with have also been a good thing and a gift. Although they’re really terrifying at the time.

The attacks have reminded me that I still have unresolved woundings that I need to deal with (or not).

They’re the normal suspects … you know … shame, guilt, rejection, abandonment, fear. Like I said in my Final Destination article of 8 February … rather deal with your woundings sooner than later because the more you run from them, the more they come at you. A ‘what you resist will persist’ vibe.

The monsters will keep coming until you face them.

So, what did I do?

  • A friend recommended a book called DARE: A new way to end anxiety and stop panic attacks. If you are afflicted (gifted) by anxiety, this is a good start and really helpful.
  • I’ve started looking at and processing my past woundings. Good grief, that opened a Pandora’s Box of unimaginable proportions. Fortunately, I have highly evolved conscious friends guiding me to healing, including the intuitive healer, Estelle Kapp and gatekeeper and enlightened guardian, Howard Burger of the Namaskar Wellness Hub. And, of course, my long-suffering friend who has picked me up off the floor more times than I can remember, Stef du Plessis. It is blindingly apparent though, that they can only facilitate the process of healing … I have to take the responsibility to heal myself.
  • So, that’s what I’m doing. Taking the illumination that is already in me and healing me. The result is short of miraculous. Just by facing down and dealing with some of my demons (there’s a long way to go, and apparently it is a lifetime of work), the anxiety and panic attacks have all but gone.
  • I don’t know what you’re going through, probably a lot worse than me. What I do know is that the more I deal with my woundings, the more I start to heal the more my light shines and the closer I get to fulfilling my purpose.

I trust these insights are helpful to you.

I love you,


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