February 14, 2024

How Big Is Your Fishbowl?

Sales training specialist, Jacques de Villiers writes about courage.

Jacques de Villierswriting quest: Article 26/365

When it comes to potential, goldfish and humans aren’t that much different.

Have you noticed that the smaller the fishbowl, the smaller the goldfish? That’s only a third of the story, of course. Genetics and the quality & quantity of the food it eats play a decisive role too.

A goldfish kept in a small aquarium for four years, when moved to a larger aquarium, can have a growth spurt and almost reach the size it would have been if it had been in the large tank all along.

Humans are the same. Our birthright is pure potential (genetics). The books we read, the work we study, the people we hang out with and the events we are exposed to are akin to food.

Nutritious food makes us healthier. Being emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy increases our chances of achieving our full potential.

All we need is to add a dollop of courage to the mix so that we can move to a bigger pond and grow to our full potential.

That, of course, is where most of us are stymied. We don’t have the courage to take our birthright out of the small fishbowl into a bigger fishbowl. 

The bigger our fishbowl, the bigger our circle of influence, the bigger (magnificent) we become. As we grow (more magnificent) we seek larger environments, from a fishbowl to an ocean to the universe. 

It is only when we become courageous that true power occurs, and we can claim the universe. Courage is the zone of exploration, accomplishment, fortitude and determination. In this zone we are willing to try new things and overcome the obstacles that life puts in our way. This is the zone where we learn new things and grow. 

Let’s start getting comfortable with courage. Let’s move out of our comfort zone and into the unknown, where we can create and manifest our deepest desires. Courage ensures that we fulfil our potential. It’s the fuel that allows us to jump from a small fishbowl and claim the entire universe, which is our birthright, after all.  Are you ready to jump? Let’s do this together, you and I.

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