February 13, 2024

How To Take Responsibility In A Muggled-Up World

Motivational speaker in South Africa, Jacques de Villiers writes about David Hawkins Map of Consciouness.

Jacques de Villierswriting quest: Article 25/365

A couple of months ago, a spiritually enlightened being who I greatly admire said something about dealing with Muggles.

Muggles in the Harry Potter series refer to those who show no magical ability. For example, people who live unaware of the magical world are called Muggles by witches and wizards with magical ability.

That triggered me into thinking, “Mmm, that’s a bit judgy and superior of you, isn’t it?”

I know that if I’d pressed him, and allowed him to expand on the statement, he would have come up with an answer that would have made me look judgy.

Then the other day a friend on Facebook put up an image that had this on, “We live in a world where the intelligent must keep quiet so that the stupid will not be offended.”

The bitch in me thought, “Mmm, how ignorant of you to think that you’re smart. Perhaps you’re the stupid one for putting up this stupid post?”

And, of course, you’re neither stupid nor ignorant. You realise that both these incidents triggered me because there are times when I am full of ego and feel superior (and judgy).

It’s common for humans to feel superior to others who we consider to be beneath us. You can see this in the places of worship, spiritual communities, places of work and social groups you are part of.

Here’s the kicker, though. The ‘inferior’ judge the ‘superior’ because we all feel superior. 

  • Don’t think that your personal trainer with 4.5% body fat isn’t judging your slothful, slovenly and shameful 30% body fat? 
  • Don’t think your server at a restaurant doesn’t judge your bad manners and shitty tips? 
  • Your housekeeper is likely disgusted by the dirty underwear and mess you leave for her to clean.

“Do not judge, or you will be judged.

Matthew 7:1

Our journey is not about being superior or inferior, worthy or unworthy, enlightened or unenlightened.

It’s about location.

The question should always be, “Where am I located on my path to enlightenment.” As Carlos Casteneda asked, “Who’s to say that the beggar hasn’t found the path before you?” You, with your air of superiority and judgement. 

All of us are at different stages of our personal consciousness journey. This is exactly as it should be because we’re exactly at the stage of our journey we should be at.

It is apparent to me that the antidote to superiority and judgement is responsibility. 

We need to take responsibility to recognise where we are located right now. Once we know this, we can work towards ascending to the next level of our journey towards consciousness.

We should not consider ourselves superior in any way if we are not ascended masters like Jesus, Mohammed, or Buddha.

We all exist somewhere on the spectrum between shame (despair/death) and enlightenment (ascended masters). Check out David Hawkins’s Map of Consciousness to find where you’re located. The map helps us understand and explore various levels of consciousness. It shows the potential for personal growth and self-awareness in each of us.

You may not care to be conscious, and that’s fine. Just understand that neither you nor me are in a position (location) to feel superior and judge anyone. The map has been helpful to me; it may be helpful to you. 

For me, the more aware I become of my location on the map, the better my life gets financially, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

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