February 17, 2024

Slapping The Creator

Motivational speaker in South Africa, Jacques de Villiers writes about the need for validation and low self esteem.

Jacques de Villiers  writing quest: Article 29/365

I got triggered the other day.

I’ve been looking for CV writers to help me with my LinkedIn clients who need their resumes updated. I found two of them; highly experienced recruitment professionals. Both gifts from God.

From a business standpoint, a blessing. One charges R900 per CV and the other one, R250. I charge R3 500 for a CV, so if I pass the work onto them, I can make a tidy profit. Maybe I’ll do that, but I doubt my conscience will allow it. I’m not in the habit of employing slave labour. In my experience, it takes around five hours to knock a CV up. So, the one makes R180 an hour and the other, R50 an hour.

That doesn’t sound like a good deal for them at all. It is apparent that I don’t need to feel guilty for paying low wages, they have already enslaved themselves with their beliefs.

I would go so far as to say that it is an insult to the unlimited potential that courses through them. It’s akin to a slap in the face of their creator.

I had to ask why I’m triggered? Easy. I was that person. I was worse, actually.  I used to give advice for free. And, the dirty little secret that I carry with me is that I still do. 

Just the other day I presented a keynote to 200 or so people at a conference. A delegate contacted me to schedule a meeting. She liked my presentation and wanted advice on becoming a speaker.

I was there with bells on it, and even paid for the coffee.

Speaker coaches command high fees for just an hour of their expertise. Me, I just give it up for free.

What’s with that? 

Do I need validation so much that I don’t respect my value or my time? Have I got nothing better to do? Do I value myself so little?

Those are the questions that I’ll be pondering this weekend. 

You’re smart. Don’t be disrespectful and sad like me. You should charge like a grown-up. Remain true to your integrity. Inspire pride in your creator. 

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