February 15, 2024

Learning To Speak Universe

Motivational sales speaker Jacques de Villiers writes about trusting the universe to deliver.

Jacques – writing quest: Article 28/365

I got lost coming out of Vanderbijlpark, today. I know right, how does one do that? Evidently one can. Instead of going on the R59, I ended up on the N1 where I had to pay a toll at Grasmere Plaza. 

This morning before I left for Vanderbijlpark, I saw R30 on my kitchen table. I nearly left it there, but something told me to take it. Perhaps I could get a coffee? Only credit cards and cash are accepted as payment for the toll. I had a debit card which wasn’t acceptable. Luckily I had the R30. Once again my universe came to the rescue.

I remember when I was visiting my child in George last year. We decided to take a drive to Sedgefield, some 38 kilometres away. We were about five kilometres out of George when my child realised that they had left something at the house. So, we had to go back. I wasn’t stressed because I speak ‘universe’ and I knew something was afoot. All things are for my good.

On our way back from Sedgefield we ran out of petrol (don’t ask) right next to the Caltex petrol station in the Wilderness. We managed to push the car to the station and sorted things out.

Had we not gone back to the house to fetch something, we would have run out of petrol up the hill near Dolphin’s Point. There is nowhere for a car to pull over, and I would have blocked the traffic going back to George. It would have been a real hassle and probably taken a couple of hours to sort out, instead of the 20-minute detour at the petrol station.

What are the chances of us running out of fuel right next to a petrol station? Pretty good, when you learn to speak universe.

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