September 12, 2020

Pick A Lane

Jacques de Villiers inspirational speaker and author


What’s it now? 150 days in one form of lockdown or another? I don’t know about you, but I’ve found it an awful experience generally. I realised that I’m tactile and miss face-to-face human connection (hugs). My soul has withered without that connection.

I’ve now become a bloody cat person and have befriended one of the cats in the house called Spike. I pet it, I play with it and I speak to it all the time (like the Chuck Nolan character in Castaway talking to Wilson).

It’s only a matter of time before I wear check pyjamas, a gown and fluffy slippers and down my sleeping tablets with hot cocoa. Right now I’m still kinda Hemingway about it and down my tablets with whiskey.


Pick a Lane

I was what you’d call a dipper. I’d dip my toe into spiritual, philosophical, relationship and work waters.

I’ve been a plumber’s mate, a short-order cook, a soldier, a lighter salesman, a jewellery salesman, a host at a club (and almost a fluffer), an advertising executive, a crisis manager, a fundraiser, a public relations officer, a professional speaker, an editor, a proofreader and finally, a writer. 

I’d get a whisper of the essence of the thing, but never the full story. I’d know just enough about a subject to be dangerously ignorant but not enough to actually contribute to this human existence meaningfully.

One thing I knew was that I was ignorant bordering on fraudulent. Thus, I’d keep my mouth shut and listen to others who were more versed and erudite on the subject at hand.

Over time, I realised that most of us are dippers and that we imposter our way through this human existence.

We’re always looking for that ‘next best thing’ to help us live a fulfilled, secure, powerful and harmonious lives.

I even went so far as to call myself a flâneur (a man who saunters around observing society). In my case it was sauntering around observing religions, spirituality and philosophies.

In this endeavour I always felt more like a spectator than a participant. And because I never had skin in the game, it was easy for me to give my subjective and often pompous opinion on the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Jews, the Catholics, the Christians, the Buddhists and the Muslims, amongst others.

It came clear to me that pretty much all religions and philosophies have altruistic goals. They teach us to be courteous, deliberate and grateful human beings for the most part.

They give us a a system for living an exceptional life.

It occurred to me that I should pick a lane and rather become a master in something than a flighty Jack of all trades.

Thus, I’ve picked a lane and decided to become masterful at this one job. I think I’m starting to realise that I’m the job.


The rest is all a bit of a sideshow, really. You and I are the point of this whole endeavour and this play that we’re in has been written to enchant and amaze us. I hope I can make this job count and become a masterwork.

Let me write your profile

Speaking of sideshows … I’ve been getting more requests to do LinkedIn profiles. It’s an awful lot of fun, I have to say. I’ve done one for Phillip de Wet, a seasoned short term business insurance advisor and Yoke van Dam a professional speaker.

Learn how to write your own profile

DINEO Pact has asked me to present a course on LinkedIn profile writing on 26 September in White River. If you’re in that neck of the woods, join us. Even if you’re not, it’s going to be live streamed so you can still join us. Find out how to enrol here.

I think this video works well

Check out my one-minute video that was crafted for me about my bio writing. I’ve been told that video is one of the most effective marketing tools around. Let’s see.

Hook up with these two

By now you know I have a man crush on Carlos Castaneda. Check out my top 10 Castaneda quotes. They really are helpful in navigating this human endeavour. And, of course, you need to check out Ryan Holiday’s 10 books that’ll blow your mind.

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