September 14, 2020

Whilst we’re walking each other home, we may as well do it elegantly and eloquently

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“We’re all just walking each other home” – Ram Dass

If you’re getting this email it’s because I’ve chosen you to be in this Salon (a gathering of people held by an inspiring host so that they can amuse one another and increase their knowledge through conversation).

This Salon is not for the incurious, the timid and the closed-minded. It’s for the curious, the brave, the intelligent, the eccentric and the interesting, like you.

I believe that we can amuse and engage each other. Because this text is one way (me talking to you), I’ve created a LinkedIn Salon Group where we can all enchant one another, share our ideas to increase our knowledge and stimulate our intellect. Join it now so that we can get started.

Because of my eclectic and eccentric view of the world, the topics I choose will run to practical philosophy, marketing, sales, professional speaking, writing, books, art, courtesy and, of course, unleashing your epic story

There’ll be something here to ignite your brain, rattle your cage or help you become secure, powerful and fulfilled. In a nutshell, it’s figuring out how to navigate this human journey elegantly and eloquently.

If you missed out on the last Salon, Pick a Lane. Check it out here.

Are you ready to do this?

1. Somebody Training
2. “Because” Vs. “And”
3. WeSPEAK Free For Life
4. Charge Like A Grown-up 1
5. Charge Like A Grown-up 2
6. Make Pro Videos

7. The Best Damn Copywriter In The Universe
8. Systemic Racism
9. Laughing Squid
10. The Best Sales Book On The Planet
11. Influence With Words (By)
12. LinkedIn Profile Writing Workshop
13. Sponsors

1. Somebody Training

The late philosopher and spiritual guide, Ram Dass said that we’re taught to be somebody. I’ll make you believe that you’re somebody if you make me believe that I’m somebody. He thought that the game of life isn’t

about becoming somebody, but about becoming nobody. I like this notion (watch theatrical trailer). It fits in with one of the Sufi constructs of, “I disappear so that you can appear.” 

I think it’s true to say that none of us want to die a nobody. We all want to make a difference, we want to stand out, we want to be seen as important, and we want to be significant.

Find out more about significance and why at best, it’s an exercise in futility, and at worst, dangerous.

2. “Because” vs. “And”

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, don’t you? This piece of text by Seth Godin gave me some perspective, it might give you some perspective too.

The way you’re feeling… is it because of something that’s going on around you? Or are you simply feeling something and there’s a situation?

One way to determine the difference: Has this situation ever happened without you (or anyone, for that matter) feeling the way you’re feeling?

[to pick an outdated example, one that someday we might experience again]:

“I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed because there are ten people waiting for a table at the restaurant, and
we’re falling behind.”

Except: plenty of people who run restaurants have experienced ten people waiting for a table without feeling
stressed and overwhelmed.

It’s not the line that’s causing the stress. It’s your interpretation of the line.

You’re overwhelmed and there’s a line.
Seth Godin

3. WeSPEAK Free for Life

If you’re a speaker looking to be found by bookers, and a booker looking for speakers, the WeSPEAK App is for you.

At the touch of a button you can view any profile, check availability, watch show reel videos/images and book a speaker.

If you’re a speaker, register on Google Play (Android) or App Store (IOS) and if you’re a booker, download it and find the right fit speaker for your event.

4. Charge Like A Grown-Up 1

One of the weakest parts of my business strategy is charging like a grown-up. I give friends and family rates to everyone, and have probably lost obscene amounts of money as a consequence.

I’m getting better at it as a result of researching and co-authoring a book called, Charge Like A Grown-Up with executive transitions coach, Briony Liber.

I’m fascinated at the issues that reveal themselves in my pricing strategy: abandonment, worthiness, imposter syndrome, wanting to be liked, inadequacy and rejection, amongst others.

I’m excited to see what we are co-creating and am sure that it will help other entrepreneurs who also struggle and fail to charge what they’re really worth. If you want to be first in the queue to know about the book’s release date, get yourself on the guest list now.

5. Charge Like A Grown-Up 2

Talking about charging like a grown-up! Neuroscience expert and author, Timothy Maurice Webster bought my book on
Amazon the other day and asked me why I only charge $3.44?

It’s a reasonably sized book at 62 000 words and 260 pages.

I couldn’t exactly go all Freud on him and talk about my mother issues. So I asked, “What would a grown up charge?”

He replied, “$9.99”. So that’s what I’m going to do in a week or so’s time. If you want What If Hollywood Doesn’t Call? A Fractured Monk’s Guide To Enlightenment for $3.44, now’s a good time to get it.

“This is a life changing masterpiece. At times an affirmation and at others mind bending ideas to strengthen and stretch the reader to be their best version. Thank you, Jacques! “ – LeighJoy

6. Make Pro Videos

You know I’m an AppSumo junkie (well, if you didn’t, now you do). I’m the worst with videos and always end up looking like a mouth-breathing, banjo-playing hill billy (not an easy look to pull off, I tell you). I can’t remember what I did five minutes ago, never mind trying to remember a two-minute script … not going to happen.

This App may be the answer to my mouth breathing and shifty eye problems. It’s called BIGVU. Get video editing, automatic captions, music, and green screen replacement, plus a teleprompter App for Android and iOS. It may be helpful to you too.

7. The Best Damn Copywriter In The Universe*

* I know you thought it was me. Apparently, that honour goes to my friend and copywriting legend, Tiffany Markman.

She’s the Freelance Copywriter of the Year 2020: South Africa – UK-based Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards. Awesome achievement, Tiffany.

8. Systemic Racism

Good grief, the angels weep … I watched the 13th, a Netflix documentary on systemic racism in the USA. Its premise is how the Thirteenth Amendment (abolishment of slavery and servitude) was perverted to carry on enslaving those that it freed.

As a consequence, the USA with five percent of the world’s population, has 25 percent of the world’s prisons with more than 2-million people being incarcerated (the majority being African American males). Let me not give away more.

Watch it! It’s harrowing, horrific and dehumanising. You won’t be able to unsee it, and you’ll never be able to look at things the same again and say, “I didn’t know.”

9. You’ll Love Laughing Squid

This is such an eclectic, interesting and left field website about art, culture and technology. Laughing Squid is actually a WordPress hosting company. It’s interesting how they drive traffic to their website through curating content.

Have a look and learn from them. It might be something you can do too.

10. The Best Sales Book On The Planet

I’ve read a lot of sales improvement books. Dan Sullivan’s is the easiest and most effective, in my opinion.

If you’re struggling and failing at sales, I’d recommend you look at this book.

The Question. “If we were having this discussion three years from today, and you were looking back over those three years,
what has to have happened in your life, both personally and professionally, for you to feel happy with your progress?”

It’s an easy 88-page read. The power lies in his DOS questioning technique. Once you crack this, proposal writing will be easy, discovery calls will be delightful and your sales director will be smiling. Find it on Goodreads.
By the way, if you’re not connected to me on Goodreads, reach out and connect now.

11. Influence with Words

The famous hypnotist, Max Kaan shared the following technique with me (just after he sold me his car).

A word like “By …” is masterful in its ambiguity and effectively persuades one to buy. It has several meanings.
By, buy, bye are all pronounced the same, aren’t they?

By (buy) now, I’m certain you believe the price is right.

By and by (buy and buy) you won’t get a better deal than this.

The company stands by (buy) our products and services.

By now you should see the benefits of using “by”, shouldn’t you? It’s a goodbye from me and a good buy for you.

12. LinkedIn Profile Writing Workshop on 22 October 2020

If your LinkedIn profile is like the love-child of Deliverance, Spock and Mr. Bean: a Chernobyl accident, sterile and a little sad, you need to register for my profile writing workshop.

Now that I’m learning to charge like a grown up, the workshop is so expensive that your eyes will bleed.

And, I think you’ll find it worth it, if you want to start turning not only your LinkedIn profile, but your other marketing assets into lead generating and sales-closing machines. Find out more and register here.

13. Curating a piece of work like this takes time and I couldn’t do it without my generous sponsors.

Thank you, Phillip de Wet for sponsoring this week’s master work.
If you enjoyed this piece of text, why not share a virtual coffee with me so that I can share a real one in 2021 with my friends, Richard, Lelaine and Diego in England and Italy.

If you think someone else will enjoy this work, please forward it to them.

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