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Jacques de Villiers - Sales Motivational SpeakerMy name is Jacques de Villiers.

I’m so glad you’ve dropped in on us. There might just be something here that resonates with you. Whether you want to get on track in this human endeavour, find passion and purpose, motivate your staff, help your team sell, market your business or even publish a book … there’s probably an answer a mouse click away.

I’m the strategic account director in this outfit and it is my job to connect you to the right team and craft a solution that will set you up for success.

Just to give you an idea on how we help you … we have more than 400 professional speakers on record, we have business training courses, copywriting services, digital marketing and traditional marketing solutions and lot’s more … all backed up by some of the best minds and biggest hearts in their respective fields.

I’m at your service.

How can I help?

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Motivational Speakers, Business Speakers, Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speakers

With access to more than 400 motivational speakers, conference speakers, business speakers, keynote speakers, you’re bound to find the right-fit for your event. [More …]

Business Training Courses in South Africa

Business Training

We have access to a wide range of business training courses and skilled facilitators nationally that can help you succeed both professionally and personally. [More …]

Marketing Services In South Africa


Our copywriters and marketing specialists will craft the right message for you that will resonate with your target markets and convert them to sales.


Jacques does a vast amount of research so that he can set his clients up to succeed. Some of the resources he discovers may be help you on this journey you’re on.

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