Key Account Management Training Course

key account management training

If you’re on the look out for a key account management training course, I run both in-house and public training.

This Key Account Management Training Course has been designed to help you to retain and grow your best customers.

Most sales-focused companies spend an inordinate amount of time and money acquiring new customers whilst they’re losing existing customers.

In this process, they sometimes lose sight of where the real gold is … in their existing accounts.

So, whilst they’re chasing down leads, the neglected customers sometimes walk.

Because not many companies know how to deal elegantly and eloquently with their existing customers.

Why you should care about key account management:

  • It’s cheaper to sell to an existing customer than it is trying to acquire a new one
  • Existing customers already trust and like you and are more amenable to your future advances
  • Your existing customers will keep on spending money with you if they are happy with you

What you’ll learn on the key account managment training:

  • What is key account management
  • How to defend your key accounts from competitors
  • How to retain and grow your key accounts
  • How to create champions for your cause in your key accounts
  • How to find hidden opportunities in your key accounts and get referrals to other key divisions in the company you serve
  • How to influence and persuade your key contact to your way of thinking
  • How to design and action a key account strategy
  • How to deal with difficult customers/situations
  • How to handle any crises that may occur
  • How to negotiate so that everyone wins

I’ve crafted a key account management training course that I know delivers the results you desire.

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Please note that this is not a sales training course. It is assumed that delegates who attend this course have already been blooded as sales professionals.

I’ve broken it into three key areas:

  • Have a contribution mindset. The value of this session is to change your stance from predatory to contributory. You’ve got to be fully vested in your customers’ success. Your intent is known to your customers at many levels, both hidden and visible. Your intention of giving rather than of taking will reap 10-fold more rewards for both you and your customers.
  • Key Account Management. You’ll learn the fundamentals of key account management so that you can retain and grow your own accounts.
  • Key Account Management Plan. This piece of process is interactive and before you leave the key account management training course, you’ll have a plan of action at your disposal so that you can hit the ground running after the course.
key account management training in Johannesburg

Reach out and connect with me if you’re looking to retain and grow your existing customers here.

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