About Jacques

My father was a theologian, a philosopher and an utter rogue. Nonetheless, I thought he was super. He was my dad, after all and I won’t hold the philosophy and theology against him.  

He inspired me to become a philosopher. I dreamt of becoming a professor at a university and surrounding myself in academia for the rest of my life.

Not to bore you with the detail … let’s just say that didn’t work out at all. 

Man plans and God laughs …

Instead, I learned how to type. 

In-between that, I ended up as a plumber’s mate, a short-order cook, a soldier, a lighter salesman, a jewellery salesman, an advertising executive, a crisis manager, a fundraiser, a public relations officer, a professional speaker, an editor, a proofreader and finally, a writer. 

I’m not totally over the philosophy thing. I still have a love affair with it. I mainly read the works of the stoics, sufis and Carlos Castaneda. 

I’m keenly interested in mythology and military history.  

You’ll also never catch me without my copy of The Hero With A Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell.

I have an abiding fear of getting the same flip comment as Truman Capote made about the author Jack Kerouac, “That’s not writing, that’s typing.”

That’s good news for you because in my quest to become a writer and not a typist, I’ve really studied the craft for close on 20 years now. 

I’ve studied and practiced direct sales copywriting, essay writing, memoir writing, short form story writing and a lot of hero’s journey stuff (a lot).

Writing is not without its downside either. My eyes are shot and I have regular repetitive strain injury. 

That’ll happen after typing more than 8 million words, having 1000+ articles published (300+ on real paper), ghostwriting 12 books and written one for my own account. 

As you can see, I have some ability with a pen.  

And, that could be good for you if you’re struggling and failing to write your epic story, your website introduction or your bio.

Testimonial for the writing of Jacques de Villiers