Sales training in Cape Town. Jacques de Villiers

The life you want is fuelled by the enterprise you build.
Your enterprise is fuelled by sales and marketing. 

Are you an enterprise who strives to be remarkable, whose calling it is to make a difference and want a chance to make things better for those they serve?

Then consider reaching out to Jacques de Villiers, a leading authority in lead generation and sales conversion Over the last 20+ years he has spoken, trained and consulted from Malmesbury to Milan.


Jacques has been helping sales teams and entrepreneurs close more deals more consistently since 2005.

  • As a sales optimisation specialist he has run 1500 facilitations. Internationally, he has been invited to present keynotes in Milan, Teheran, Sydney and Port Louis.
  • He’s led nine sales teams as an outsourced sales manager.
  • As a direct sales copywriter he’s written pieces of text that have generated millions of rands for his clients on email marketing alone. He wrote copy for his own workshop, How To Persuade Anybody To Do Almost Anything, and on email alone, managed to enrol 3874 students across the country.
  • As a ghostwriter and editor, he’s been involved in birthing 33 books.
  • He’s written three books for my own account.
    > Stop Losing Sales Now! Learn How to Overcome Objections
    > What if Hollywood Doesn’t Call? A Fractured Monk’s Guide To Enlightenment
    > Edge of the Rain


  • He has 80+ recommendations on LinkedIn.
  • He’s a qualified as a Dale Carnegie Instructor.
  • He has a Journalism Certificate from Intec College.
  • He has a National Diploma in Public Relations.
  • He’s a Past National President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa.
  • He’s a Stef du Plessis Founder’s Award recipient for services to the speaking fraternity.
  • He’s a Distinguished Toastmaster
  • He’s a Toastmaster of the Year recipient

When he’s not setting his clients up for success, you’ll find him playing chess, bass fishing, studying military cultures , spirituality and philosophy.

Jacques is a sales and marketing rainmaker

Reach out to me if you'd like me to speak at your conference, train your teams, write your compelling client attracting copy or lead your sales team.