Like you ... I'm more than a webpage ...

Like you, I’m an eclectic, interesting and flawed human being who’s trying to figure out how to navigate this life elegantly and eloquently. Like you, I’m also striving for security, fulfilment, harmony and happiness.

Jacques de Villiers motivational speaker
Personally I Am
  • A father to a magical, old-soul 12-year-old daughter
  • A brother to three brothers and a sister
  • A prolific writer. In the past 20 years I’ve penned 7,2-million words … that’s around 1000 words every single day
  • A modern-day monk residing at a Sufi spiritual retreat in Walker Fruit Farms, 53 kilometres from Sandton
  • The biggest fan of Carlos Castaneda, Stoicism, Sufism, Charles Bukowski, Greek mythology, Calvin and Hobbs and the song, Mad World by Gary Jules.
  • A chess player
  • A Bass fisherman
  • A meditator and journaler
  • A bibliophile (I think I’ve blown all my money on books)
  • A seeker of spiritual knowledge
  • I chop wood almost every day when I’m not speaking or training
  • I run for fun
Professionally I Am
  • Exceptionally good at helping leaders inspire their employees to follow them to hell and back using the Care & Growth Leadership Model
  • Brilliant at crafting pieces of text that make an impact. I’ve ghostwritten six books for other authors and penned a number for my own account.
  • Outstanding at helping sales professionals close more deals more consistently whilst keeping their souls intact. 
  • A standard bearer who is as tough on myself as I am tough on my clients to raise our standards so that we can become the magnificent and triumphant human beings we were meant to
  • A human excellence coach and consultant helping people live lives full of security, power, fulfilment and harmony
  • An intriguing and interesting speaker who has spoken in front of 1 200+ audiences since 1998 both locally and internationally (including, Teheran, Iran and Milan, Italy)
Jacques de Villiers business speaker
I'm Currently Focused On 4 Things
  • Finishing my newest book, What If Hollywood Doesn’t Call? A Fractured Monk’s Guide To Enlightenment
  • Advising leaders how to grow their people
  • Building up my LinkedIn Social Selling consulting business
  • Building a labyrinth at the spiritual retreat I live on
Jacques de Villiers inspirational speaker
Awards and Recognition
  • I’m a Distinguished Toastmaster
  • I’m a Toastmaster of the Year recipient
  • I’ve been given the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa most prestigious award, The Stef du Plessis Founder’s Award
  • I’m a Past National President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa
  • I’m a board member of the Global Speakers Federation

My Philosophy

The thread that runs through all my keynotes, training, coaching, workshops and writing (and everyday interactions in this world).

Vitruvian Man, Leonardo da Vinci and Jacques de Villiers
Human ++

I deal with people and companies that actually give a damn about setting their brother and sister up for success. I practice this in my own life (not always successfully, I might add).

You won’t find me sprouting the typical motivational speakers’ refrain, “I want to make a difference in the world”.

I’ve got enough experience and humility to realise that the work I do on this planet may have zero impact. Because I know I only have control of one thing … and that’s myself.

I do a lot of inner work such as meditation, prayer and journaling. I’ve learned that if you don’t go within, you go without. ←←← you should read that sentence again.

Things are becoming clearer for me. 

I use the clumsy phrase “helping you to navigate this human experience elegantly and eloquently” when I think I’m actually saying, “You Are Enough”.

You don’t really need me or any other of the motivational speakers to tell you how to conduct your life. 

You already know how to do it. You know that you’re perfect as you are and that you’re enough. 

Once you get this, you’ll stop competing and lose the “he/she with the most toys at the end wins” attitude. 

Rather you’ll start collaborating to make sure that every one in this planet (including the planet itself) has a Human ++ experience.

Set others up for success Jacques de Villiers
The Other

I believe that I am here for the other and not myself. 

My job on this planet is to make sure that I help my fellow humans succeed. 

It makes sense to me that if we all give each other a hand up (not a hand out), we’ll all succeed. 

Think about it, if we all had an “other” mentality, we wouldn’t have a starving child on this planet or a war either, for that matter.

But we’re far from there. Our consciousness is still very much stuck on “how much can I take for myself” and not on “how much can I give of myself”.

Oh, just in case you think I’m an altruistic, do-gooder, bunny hugging hippy who thinks he has found the answer to it all; don’t.

I’m very much in this world. I know that we all need the security piece or peace-of-mind that earning a living brings. 

So, I’m all for earning a fantastic living so that we can have the toys, eat well and thrive. 

But, I’ve learned not to confuse the making of money and getting stuff with fulfilment, contentment, harmony and happiness. 

As my friend and mentor, the Sufi Sheikh, Ebrahim is so fond of saying, “No amount of money in your bank account will fill the hole in your chest called insecurity.”

The more we help the other, the more we help ourselves.

Awe and Gratitude By Jacques de Villiers
Awe and Gratitude

I’m actually so gob-smacked that I get to play on this planet every day.

I had to be pretty ingenious and competitive to elbow out 299 000 other sperm cells so that I could find the egg.

What are the odds of me being able to write this stuff for you? Clearly, 300 000 to 1. 

That I get to be conscious in this existence leaves me in awe and with a deep sense of gratitude.

Every experience I have has been written to enchant me by a power that is far beyond my comprehension.

All that is required of me as payment is that I be in awe and gratitude of the magnificence that created this all for you and me.

I know I’ve been chosen for some purpose. A purpose that has yet to reveal itself to me.

But, whilst this happens, I carry on speaking and writing so that I can help me (and you) make sense of this human experience.

By the way, I don’t have a Plan B. This is what I know how to do; speak and write.

If things go to shite, that National Diploma in Public Relations is not going to get me back into the PR world as an employee.

I’m just taking my shot and hoping that I make the most of the opportunity that has been presented to me. And, every day there are new and amazing opportunities for me to be in awe and gratitude always.

Signature Keynotes

Three of my favourite keynotes that are requested most often.

If you’d like me to send you a PDF document with all three of them to save you the time of looking at each one individually, pop to this page and gimme an email address and I’ll get it to you asap.

What If Hollywood Doesn't Call?

This keynote was crafted to help your teams rediscover the joy of work so that they come to it for something bigger than a paycheque. 

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The Warrior Code

This keynote seeks to help build the mental toughness that is needed in times of volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity.

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What If You Get A Pug?

This keynote was designed to answer the questions of how to deal with challenges, constraints and pitfalls so that you can be a triumphant human being, not matter what.

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Philosophies and Humans That Have Shaped Me Into What I’ve Become

Most excellent sales motivational speakers have studied and read about the human condition, extensively.


I’ve been studying arcane knowledge, warrior culture, quantum physics, neuroscience, metaphysics and human systems for almost as long as I can remember.


Here are some of the philosophies and humans that have impacted on me. Their work shines through in every sales keynote, workshop or piece of writing that I do:


→ Ayn Rand

→ Sufism

→ Stoicism

→ Carlos Castaneda

→ Carl Jung

→ Etsko Schuitema

→ Callie Roos

→ Stef du Plessis

→ Jacob Jaworski


I hope that this has given you some insight into who I am and what I can offer you.

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