January 23, 2024

Witchcraft and Heresy

Jacques de Villiers professional speaker and writer speaks about David R Hawkins Map of Consciousness.

Article 14/365 of Jacques’s writing quest.

Last year, I told some friends that I attended a business lecture at The Church of Scientology at The Castle in Kyalami.

The response was overwhelmingly negative. “It’s a cult, they brainwash you, and they just want your money.” That pretty much sounds like every religion I’ve ever been exposed to.

I got a similar response when I embraced Islam. “Are you getting fitted for your bomb jacket?” Same goes for my short flirtation with Freemasonry. “You’re making a pact with the devil.”

Some people act as if Scientology, Islam, and Freemasonry are to blame for the current state of the planet.

They think that it’s witchcraft and heresy. And, you know what they do to witches, don’t you? In the 14th century, 500 000 ‘witches’ were murdered over a period of two hundred years. That’s probably why I never tell people that I’ve astral travelled, searched for alien artefacts in the Karoo, played with an ouija board, built pyramids to sharpen my razor blades and that I have a sneaky suspicion that we may just be the slave species of the Anunnaki. And, I definitely don’t tell people that I meditate, pray and journal every day. Being burnt at the stake is not really the way I want to go.

Every experience I’ve ever had with anything different to my Judeo-Christian worldview has been benign and to my benefit. It may be because I believe that everything that happens for me is for my good.

I come from a home where curiosity and open-mindedness were encouraged. So, it is alien (pun intended) to me that many people are so closed off and refuse to entertain anything that is different from their worldview. I suppose they really do believe that anything different is dangerous. 

If I look at David R. Hawkins’s Map of Consciousness (MAC), I have an inkling as to why this is. According to the MAC, 1000 hertz is enlightenment and 20 hertz is shame and 200 hertz (courage) is when we start to step into consciousness. According to the MAC, 85% of the planet is vibrating below 200 hertz. This is where we are mired in the dense energies of shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger and pride.

Every nation that is embarked on a conflict or exploiting its people is a lower form of consciousness. You and I can’t do much about that. But we can start by elevating our own consciousness which starts with courage (200 hertz). We can be open to different. We can be curious and not judgemental. We can be kind and not cruel. 

Let’s choose consciousness, you and I.

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