October 18, 2022

Why I sign off with You’re The Job

love yourself Jacques de Villiers

It only just occurred to me why I sign off this newsletter and marketing pieces with:

I love you,



You’re the Job


Even though it is a courtesy to you, and I really do mean it (that I love you), every time I sign off it’s a reminder to me.

It is a reminder to me to love myself, that I’m the job, that I’m a masterwork creating a masterpiece, that I’m extraordinary, that I’m worthy and that I’m lovable.

I’ve started listening to how I speak to myself as a conscious exercise in mindfulness.

F%3k me … if I spoke to anyone else how I spoke to myself (with disdain, loathing, frustration and doubt), I’d have no friends.

If I cannot even treat myself with the respect and love I deserve, how am I going to treat my friends and my clients?

So, I’m stopping this nonsense and I’m going to speak to myself like I’d speak to my creator … with love, respect, awe and gratitude.

I hope you’ll join me on this quest.

You’re the job, I love you!


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