September 20, 2022

What is Quantum Entanglement?

What is quantum entanglement

I’ve been running informal Quantum Jumping meditations based on the work of the late mind science engineer, Burt Goldman with some of my friends. The idea is that there are alternate universes out there where there’s a version of you that has everything you could wish for. We go into those universes and visualise the ideal you and manifest whatever it is you want to be and do. When we come back to this reality, we bring a bit of that reality with us and this kicks off the manifestation process.

It occurred to me the other day after hearing a presentation by mindshift coach, Robin Pullen, that one doesn’t have to travel to other universes to tap into the power of manifestation. You can stay right here, in this reality and create what you want. It’s just fun travelling to other universes, don’t you think? So, I’m still going to keep doing that. Robin mentioned something about state management that gave me a moment to pause and think about how I manifest in this reality. If I’m in a resourceful state, I will attract that. If I’m in an unresourceful state, I will attract that.

Let’s explore this by way of an example. Have you ever sent out sales proposals to potential clients and gone through a dry spell where not one was accepted. It’s quite disheartening, isn’t it? If it happens often enough, you start doubting yourself (or at least, I start doubting myself). You start the self talk that spirals you down … “My stuff sucks. I don’t know why I bother, they probably won’t go for this proposal. What’s the point? I suck.” You know the drill. Perhaps this has happened to you?

Here’s the danger … because we’re pretty much all in a state of quantum entanglement, the way we feel in the moment affects the one that we are trying to connect with. In the proposal example … if I come from a negative unresourceful state where my gut, heart and head are in turmoil, I will create a similar state in the person I’m trying to influence. My negativity and insecurity triggers his/her insecurity too. So, if there are two negatives they will repel each other. Thus, my proposals will not be accepted.

The idea then is to be in a resourceful state. A state where you feel positive and empowered. A state where your intent is to benefit the other person. A state where you come from a place of fullness so that you have more to give the other person. Come from a place of love (love for yourself and the other) and see how you start manifesting what you want. And, I’m not talking just about the stuff you (think) you want … that’s easy to get. I’m talking about the stuff that matters … connection, love, happiness, fulfilment, security, belonging and joy, amongst others.

You have everything needed for this extravagant journey that is your life. Carlos Castaneda

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