March 25, 2015

Sounds of Silence

I don’t know about you, but sometimes there is so much noise in my head. There’s so much noise in my environment. If it is not the dogs fighting, checking my Facebook profile, paying bills, worrying about my job, then it’s something else.
There’s always noise.
And, it appears that we encourage noise. We’re always doing something, keeping busy. We even carry this over to our kids. If they say they’re bored we try and find something for them to do (or just plonk them in front of the television). In my opinion, boredom is the doorway to creativity. You’ve actually got to figure things out.
The problem with keeping busy and living in noise all the time is that we don’t give ourselves the space that silence affords us.
And, of course some of us don’t want to contemplate the idea of silence. Because when we are still, we actually have to think. We have to deal with ourselves. Explore what is really important. And, sometimes we just don’t want to. So, we keep busy. In essence, we run away from truly connecting to ourselves.
Also, when our heads are in constant overdrive we don’t have the space to think and to be creative.
It is only in those moments of silence that we have a chance to let our subconscious mind percolate those ideas that are hidden under the noise. Who knows what we can come up with when we allow ourselves the space to think?
So, take a deep breathe, slow down the chaos and become silent. You may just be surprised what will come out.
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