March 18, 2024

Pilfering Perfection

Motivational speaker, Jacques de Villiers writes about pilfering perfection.

Jacques de Villiers – writing quest: Article 46/365

Me: I’m imperfect, fractured and a failure. 

God: Where’d you hear that?

Me: I just know. When I go on Facebook I see the perfect lives of everyone.

God: Aren’t you just cute? They think the same about your life. May I tell you a story?

Me: You’re God. I definitely want to hear a story from you.

God: When I created your original father and mother, I made them in my image; perfect. I also gave them a gift I’ve bestowed on no other, not even my favourite angels. Choice!

I gave them only one instruction. “Don’t eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge.” I’d also blessed them with curiosity. They couldn’t help themselves. They ate the fruit. The serpent in the tree whispered, “You’re naked and exposed. You’re ugly. You’re stupid. You’re arrogant and prideful. You don’t deserve to be in paradise.” They were ashamed and tried to cover up their nakedness.

You see, the tree is where I hid my dark side, my Yin. My only wish was for them to live in the light of their perfection, their Yang. Yes, although I am God, my omnipotence did not come easily. I wrestled with things worse than you will ever know before time ever existed so that you can play here.

You were born perfect. That is the truth. You were born for a perfect purpose. That is the truth. We signed that contract when you were born. You agreed to do my work until I bring you home again.

Me: So why do I feel so inadequate, imperfect and lost?

God: The serpent pilfered perfection by telling a story to the original mother and father. Because he was devious and persuasive, he convinced them that they weren’t enough. That they were imperfect. As you grew up, your own mother, father, uncles, aunties, friends, teachers and preachers entrenched that story by telling you how to do this and how to do that. They taught you what was appropriate to their view of the world. As they were taught by those that came before them. Soon you believed them, that you weren’t enough. That you were imperfect.

Me: Oh my goodness, you’re right. How do I fix it?

God: By understanding that there is only truth and falsehood. I am the truth. That means that you are full and perfect. You are not empty and need to search for perfection. You are already perfection.

The falsehoods are the stories you believe that were told to you, about you. When you experience shame, guilt, apathy, grief, and other negative emotions caused by the idea of imperfection, remember that it’s just a story. Remember, I gave you choice.  Just choose to drop the story, it’s that simple. Those that gave you the story, that’s their view of the world, it doesn’t have to be yours. Don’t let their stories shackle you in shame. 

You are my most precious creation. You are the point of this entire exercise. You are my sun. And, like the sun, you are always there, omnipresent, and always perfect. The stories you are told are a dark cloud that’s hiding your light. Come my son, drop the story and reveal your sun. I love you.

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