December 6, 2017



Mindfulness: Why do you play so small?

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Hey Friend,

In today’s mindfulness article I’ll be short and sweet. Strangely enough.

Why Do You Play Small?

I wrote Why Do You Play Small? to try and make sense of my self-loathing issues
(don’t judge, I’m not the only one) ;-).

Weirdly, this stems from coming from an intellectually brilliant family.

A brilliant mind, a world-renowned surgeon and a mule breeder
(who also happened to run a little company called the KWV) caused all
the kak in my mind.

If you’re trying to fill big shoes and have small feet, maybe this
blog post will resonate with you.

Size Does Count

Help me out, please. My girlfriend, Celia really thinks that size
does count and I’m coming up short on that score.

She thinks that I have a big …

database. Yes, the one you’re on now. She thinks I have 15 000 peeps on it.

Shame, poor woman. There’s only 700 on this list. Only 30% actually open my stuff.
And, less than 1% click through.
If you’re in database marketing, you know how depressing this is.

But anyway, she sells teepees for children. Who even knew that it was a thing?
But, she makes more money than me, so that’s cool thing.
Except she wants to make more money and has been nagging me to send a
marketing mailer out to you.

“But, darling, they’re not interested in teepees for their children.
This is a serious business-minded lot.” I said.

So, now I’m on the couch. So, please, just go and look at her offer, you’ll be doing
me a favour. Evidently, she has some teepees on a special offer sale.
One of these Black Friday or Cyber Monday things. Just go and have a
look please. Oh, and consider buying one so that I can get off this couch. Go here.

How I Got My Ass Handed To Me

Because I’m so arrogant, I think I can do anything. So, I tried my hand at designing
a book cover for one of my author clients, Colleen O’ Donnell. Well my friend,
Deborah du Plooy from Skoobs Theatre of Books, said it was k#k.

She got me in touch with a book jacket designer called Gregg Davies.
Based on his work, I’ve decided to stick to my knitting.
He really showed me what a pro can do.
Go have a look at my effort and his effort. You make the call. Look here.

If You’re a Successful Motivational Speaker, Don’t Read The Next Article (working 10 days or more)

Most professional speakers battle to get found for keyword terms like “motivational speaker”,
“business speaker” and the like on Google.

I help solve this so that they can be found. Check out how being #6 in Google equals R70 000
per month in speaking and training gigs. Oh, there’s an offer you can’t refuse.
But it ends Friday night at midnight (tomorrow night). Then I switch the landing page off. Go here.

LinkedIn and Dux-Soup Experiment

I’m going to get the paid for version of Dux-Soup so that I can visit up to 1000 LinkedIn profiles a day.
On the free version I can only visit 100 profiles.
Supposedly, 7% of those connections I visit will come and visit my profile pageThat’s 70.
If only 10% connect, that’s 7 extra connections a day. I can live with that.
So, let’s see if it works out. I’ll keep you in the loop. Speaking about LinkedIn,
check out my profile page – I’m experimenting with problem-promise-solution copy.
It’s been quite successful as I’m getting 10 new connections a day.
I’ve also had more than 3000 post views in November.
It may work for you too. Go here.

Find a path with heart,

Talk soon,

082 906 3693

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Whilst we’re on the subject of mindfulness, let’s figure out what it is.

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Here’s a Wiki definition: Mindfulness is the psychological process of bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment, which can be developed through the practice of meditation and other training.

Mindfulness and meditationI think that more and more people are practicing mindfulness because their outer lives are a shambles.

This striving for status and money is a futile exercise to achieve happiness.

We are all striving for some kind of security, power, fulfilment and harmony.

We tend to focus more on the security/power aspect than on the fulfilment/harmony aspect.

As Etsko Schuitema said, “No amount of zeros on your pay cheque will fill that hole in your chest called insecurity.”

And, this is true. Striving for an having possessions never leads to happiness, does it. I’m not denying that ‘things’ make one’s life easier.

We all want food, a roof over our head and someone to love and be loved by. But the car, the house, the shoes and the like are like Will-o’-the-wisps (foolish fires) that are normally found in bogs and swamps. They lead the traveller off the safe path. As soon as we think we’ve caught up with the wisp, it moves on. As soon as we get the new car, that amazing ‘new car’ feeling moves on. Now we want another, better car. We want a better house. We want better shoes. We want a better wife. We want a better husband. And so on …

The trick to it all is to go inside and find inner happiness.

In my opinion, this can only be done through prayer, meditation and journaling (and maybe yoga ;-))

These 4 elements are an essential part of mindfulness.

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