August 5, 2021

Kintsugi Queen LinkedIn Profile for Yoke van Dam

Kintsugi Queen Yoke van Dam LinkedIn Profile

I join, grow and transform leaders and teams into something quite wonderful.

Yoke van Dam has been called the Kintsugi queen* because of her ability to join, grow and transform teams into something quite wonderful.

She’s staked her hard-won reputation on the premise that all poor performing teams can be turned around to become collaborative, committed and cohesive superstars of the organisations they serve.

As a qualified behavioural change coach with verifiable in-the-field experience (2000+ team members, 2 300+ hours training and 350+ coaching hours) she’s eminently suited to uncover the real issues holding teams back.

Her hard-won experience (15 years) and tried and tested high performance processes have seen even the most fissured and fractured teams join together, become stronger and remarkable.

With her keen intelligence, empathetic energy and ‘can-do’ attitude, Yoke helps leaders co-create winning outcomes so that they can unleash their teams’ untapped potential.

She works with enthusiastic, selfless and empathetic leaders who want to create space to allow their teams to learn, grow and thrive.

She works with leaders who want to effectively articulate and communicate their vision so that their teams buy into it, and are prepared to follow them to hell and back to make sure that vision is achieved.

She works with new, untested leaders who need a strong foundational roadmap of how to work with and lead teams to successful outcomes.

If this is you (and it probably is) then you should seriously consider Yoke to help you Kinstsugi your team from fractured to fully functional, from selfish to selfless and from miserable to masterful.

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