March 14, 2024

Is Your Cup Empty?

South African motivational speaker, Jacques de Villiers writes about predatory attention in sales and marketing.

Jacques de Villiers – writing quest: Article 44/365

Are you in marketing and sales (or any human endeavour for that matter) and struggling and failing to achieve your outcomes?

The clue may lie in the word ‘outcomes’.

Outcomes are the language of business. We set targets, and we need to achieve them so that we can make a profit. 

We don’t have control over the outcome; our clients do. The only thing we have control over is the work we do to engage with the client.

There are only two ways that we navigate the world. We’re either here to take or we’re here to give.

Most of us come from a place of emptiness that needs to be filled. Thus, we’ll always be takers. Our clients notice this predatory behaviour and respond appropriately. Typically, with a ‘no’ because nobody wants to be hunted. 

Many sales-focused companies use the word hunter to describe their sales people. Why not just use the word “hunter” on their business cards instead of “business development”? Since the client already perceives the predatory focus, it would be more honest. If I were a sales leader, I would remove the word ‘hunter’ from the corporate lexicon. As an aside, I’d also lose the term ‘human resources’. Is it any wonder that most of our employees are actively disengaged? If the company sees me as a resource and disposable, I wouldn’t be motivated either.

So, what’s a possible solution?

In my experience, coming from a place of fullness, gratitude and unconditionality works for me.

Fullness is rooted in gratitude. When we believe we have enough, only then can you give unconditionally.

This argument is subtle and nuanced, but so is the universe. A 0000.1 percent shift in frequency can make all the difference. 

Shifting from predatory attention (taking) to giving unconditionally could make all the difference.

You and I are already full and have everything to be grateful for. We may have momentarily forgotten, but let’s remember now. Let’s turn our attention from taking to giving (unconditionally) and forgo the outcome.

I can only speak for myself; the more I forgo the outcome, the more the outcome seeks me.  

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