April 5, 2022


Gratitude poem by Jacques de Villiers

Gratitude is the grammar of your soul
Without it life can be quite a mess
Be mindful that you’re the point of it all
The story you’re in now was written for you, to enchant, enrapture and elevate you
You’re not here to play small but to stand tall
The creators ask nothing in return … except that you burn
Burn with awe
Burn with gratitude
Burn with joy, happiness and LOVE
You’re the point of it all
You’re a masterwork creating a masterpiece
You’re getting to express your divinity
You’re getting to play here for a little while and get to move the dial
You’re your creators’ greatest work. Their magnum opus
Be in awe
Be in gratitude
Be you … you who are the point of it all

One Comment on “Gratitude

Colin Vermaak
April 16, 2022 at 10:34 am

Indeed a wonderful principle created by God. I find the more things I find to be grateful for, the less i am tempted to be overpowered or suppressed by the negative things happening around me and in this world. I see people and situations in a more positive light and am in awe of Gods Grace and Love.


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