July 10, 2015

Gold or God

3d gold bars and coins

I was thinking about North and South America the other day as one does when one is sitting in Benoni at a Spur restaurant.

For some reason I was thinking about why North America was ‘wealthy’ and that South America wasn’t. One is ‘first world’ and the other is well … ‘third world’.

I have a notion that when the Spanish settled in South America they went there for the gold. When the Pilgrim Fathers went to North America they went for God.

The focus on spirit and something bigger than themselves and gold gave the Pilgrims an unshakeable purpose. They went to America to find the religious freedom they couldn’t get in Britain at the time.

I think that’s what made all the difference.

So, maybe this is true for us too. When we’re so focused on our paycheques and lose sight of what’s important we have third-world thinking.

I believe that the human being was put on this earth for something more than just the gold.

We were put here to answer a calling and to follow a path with heart. Of course, the trick is for each of us to find that calling in our own way.

And, that’s the tough part. To find our purpose we need to take that road less travelled by and go in search of knowledge. We need to use the knowledge to fight and overcome our inner battles so that we can find the authentic essence within in us. We need to be clear as to how we can make something meaningful in the short space of time we have.

I, like you, live in the real world too. So, I’m not against ‘gold’ at all. I’m mindful that when we feel insecure because we don’t have the means, purpose and meaning can fall by the wayside. I’m just saying that gold must not be our focus because there’s no way it can make us happy, ultimately.

In our striving for purpose and meaning I’m of the opinion that we would be better served by focusing on Saraswati (the goddess of knowledge, music and art) and not on Lakshmi (the goddess of wealth).

You already know how it works, don’t you? When we focus on Saraswati, Lakshmi gets curious and follows.

When you find your purpose your heart will sing and good fortune will follow.

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