January 30, 2024

Are you a narcty imposter?

Motivational speaker, Jacques de Villiers writes about imposter syndrome and narcissism.

Article 18/365 of Jacques’s writing quest.

I don’t get the concept of imposter syndrome.

Apparently the latest afflictions are imposter syndrome and narcissism. These seem to be catch-all buckets for when we feel fraudulent and when someone is ‘narcty’ to us. 

I don’t think I’ve ever suffered from imposter syndrome, and perhaps that denial can be seen as narcissism? Listen, I’ve been the most unbelievable chop. I’d like to believe I’m just unconscious and ignorant, not a sociopath with no sense of the other. 

Imposter syndrome is not the same as low self-esteem and a warped self-image. I have had plenty of those.

Imposter syndrome is when high-achieving individuals doubt their own intellect, skills, or accomplishments. 

Metaphysically and spiritually one should never doubt that one is not where one is supposed to be. Thus, one can never be an imposter on one’s own journey.

Some people feel guilty for having more privilege and education than others, which they believe has contributed to their “success”. Don’t: that is the journey that has been chosen for you. Do: make the most of it and use your ‘success’ for the betterment of everyone you come into contact with.

Some people feel that they are lucky and fluked their ‘success’. Once again, this is how it was meant to be. There are no flukes in this life. Use your ‘luck’ for the betterment of everyone.

Some people feel a form of survivor guilt and that it’s unfair that they became ‘successful’ whilst others didn’t make the cut. Again, that’s their path. Each one of us is on our own path. Our job is to ensure that we do the very best on that path, whichever way it presents itself to us. 

I’m reminded of the story of Carlos Castaneda when he and his spiritual teacher, Don Juan, were at a restaurant. They saw beggars taking left over food off the tables. Don Juan asked Castaneda if he felt sorry for the beggars. Castaneda said that he did.

Don Juan then asked him, “What makes you think they haven’t found the path before you?”

It is an arrogance to think that you and I are not exactly on the right path where we have the choice to express the divine in us.  Success is our birthright. It just expresses itself differently for each of us. It is narcissistic to think otherwise. 

Embrace your gifts and providence. That’s your birthright and the journey you’re on. Don’t squander it, share it.

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