March 18, 2023

Do you have predatory attention?

Predator. Tiger.

When we hunt an outcome, we have predatory attention.

Be Still, Predatory Expectations …

Our lives are full of expectations (hopes). When we walk into a room full of people we expect that they will like us and accept us. We expect things to work in our favour. We expect a result.

What we are really doing is hunting an outcome. Our attention becomes predatory. And, it’s exhausting. The more you chase something, the more it runs away.

Go, ask a tiger … for every 20 hunts it attempts it makes only one kill. The more we chase something, the more it eludes our grasp. Think about spammy marketing and pushy sales people.

What if there was another way? What if we just did our best and became still and receptive to whatever the outcome is – good or bad. What if we just did something for the pure joy of doing it, and not for an outcome? How’d it be if we didn’t have any expectation?

You know how this works in any case. Castaneda summed it up beautifully: All paths lead to nowhere, so find a path with heart. In essence what he is saying is that even if we get what we want, we will eventually be disappointed, and then we will want something else.

It’s a never-ending loop. I figure that if I just am, have an open heart and temper my expectations, this journey will be a lot more fulfilling.

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