Entrepreneurs don’t have a marketing problem, they have a belief problem

marketing agencies in south africa

If you feel overwhelmed by branding and marketing your business, you’re not alone. Even though I run a marketing shop, there are days when I find marketing to be a soul-sucking, money-gulping and time-wasting minefield, mired in complexity, empty promises and poor results. These are the days that I ask (「๑•₃•)「 ʷʱʸ?. Those are the […]

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Expert Positioning

Expert Positioning in south africa

Expert positioning is no more nor less than a game of perceptions. And the strongest perception becomes the enduring legacy. “Nice car, but aren’t you sponsored by Ford?” Six years ago, when I auditioned for the part of the presenter in a series of ads, it passed through my mind that I might be making a […]

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Brand You

John Cheese, Eldrick Irwin Estevez, Jennifer Anastassakis and Ralph Lifshitz needed to stand out above the crowd and create a strong distinct personal brand. They didn’t start working even harder at their craft. All they did was change their names, shift our perception and create a destiny for themselves. They understood that by branding themselves […]

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