John Brandow

You have a tendency to bring out the writer in one……….and bring out memories (not regrets) of the past. Only Yesterday I contemplated writing my memoirs when I was a child growing up on a plot in Benoni klein plasies with borehole water , no electricity , everything we ate was grown there, slaughtering our own meat et all. I can so relate to a story like this and will in all probably copy it into my ebooks file on kindle.

John Brandow writing testimonial for Jacques de Villiers

Kirsty Coetzee

A fruity, sweet smell with a hint of pineapple. It clung to all of us. I have a romantic notion that it was our souls getting excited because they they had a very real chance of being released. ”I can’t quite find the words, except to say: what an article!

Kirsty Coetzee like Jacques de Villiers writing

Juanita Erasmus

As always your writing is insightful and thought provoking. Thank you for having the courage to engage readers in your personal journey, brilliantly reflecting our own hopes and fears. Thank you for sharing.

Jacques de Villiers story telling Juanita Erasmus

Cathy Angus

Very interesting and well written as always Jacques. I’m sure you challenge people often – facing real life issue and verbalising concepts that most people avoid talking about.

Cathy Angus comments about motivational speaker, Jacques de Villiers

Bronwyn Hesketh

Great piece, my friend. What a blessing you are: to random strangers on an airplane, and to those of us who get to share this life with you. It is hard, sometimes: so unbelievably hard, you are right. And I thank God that I have you as a friend, because if you can summon this much empathy for someone you’ve just met, how much more will you give to those of us you love when we need you?

Bronwyn Hesketh, speaker bureau owner

The Late Bill Gibson

Wow, the power of painfully honest thinking put into words Jacques. This puts a balance to positive platitudes. You have done a great service to me and many others for such deep honesty and bare self-disclosure. Thank you. Congruent!

RIP Bill Gibson 16 March 2017. You were an awesome friend, Jacques de Villiers

Hila Bar

I so love your articles. Thank you.

Hila Bar loves Jacques de Villiers articles

Toni Blumeris

Besides likes and hearts and emoji faces, if there were a symbol for resonate I’d have tapped it a few times!!! Heres to being the magnificence that is ours to claim! 🙂 

Toni Blumeris gives Jacques de Villiers writing thumbs up

Rinus Le Roux

Now that took guts to say. You have just shifted my perception of you….I listen to goal setting stuff and think I just hate it. Well done for writing from the heart. Thank you. 

Rinus le Roux thinks Jacques de Villiers has guts

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