February 25, 2009

Why I love Julius Malema

Julius MalemaThe reason I love Julius Malema, ANC Youth League President, is that every time he opens his mouth, the ANC loses votes. I reckon he, alone, has cost the ANC 20% of the vote on 22 April 2009. So, bye, bye two thirds majority. Bye, bye changing the Constitution to fit the ruling party's jaundiced and tainted view.

Karl Niehaus and his shennanigans; Naledi Pandor and her destruction of the education system; Jacob Zuma and his court cases and unprotected sex; President Kgalema chickening out of running for President in the future; and, the whole government for bending over for Bob Mugabe and letting him get away with murder and bringing Cholera to our country – this has to count against the ruling party. Never mind all the other misdemeanours that are too boring and numerous to mention here – rampant corruption, high crime rate, licencing debacle, AIDS pandemic, dumbest nation on the planet …

And, another telling blow against the ANC leadership is that they can't rein Malema in. He should have been fired long ago. It shows weak leadership and a will to act.

So, go for it Julius Malema. And, if the ANC does get its two thirds majority, then we really have got the government we deserve.

So, those of you sitting on the fence deciding whether or not to vote … step up and do your duty and vote. I don't care who you vote for, just vote. And, spoiling your vote is not going to help. Yes, none of the parties are ideal, but take a stand by voting for the one you believe can do the best for you and this beautiful country.

Jacques de Villiers is a motivational speaker and obviously, a wannabe political analyst.

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