July 8, 2015

Do You Want Some Cheese With That Whine?

Cheese and Whine

Every now and then I manage to get away from my laptop and get out of my room. When this happens, I go to a coffee shop or restaurant so that I can just hang with people.

Then I remember why I’ve chosen a semi-hermitic lifestyle because, in the main, all I hear is moaning, complaining and whining. On my best days I battle to keep my equilibrium without still having to contend with negativity.

Yes, I get that a good whine every now and then to unburden oneself probably feels good as one vomits all the negativity out of oneself. I’ve been prone to a pity part or two in my time. But, I’m not sure it is very helpful, though.

It’s also futile because we seldom have power to change the things we whine about: blackouts, a broken leadership, petrol price increases, the USA’s stance on gay marriages, the economy, al-Bashir, the Guptas, Mugabe, Pistorius and the neighbour’s dog.

So, I understand that getting things off one’s chest is cathartic and probably necessary from time-to-time. But what I don’t get is when people who have so much have so little gratitude.

I’ve noticed there’s a trend on FB (in my circles anyway) to ‘make of heaven a hell’. I have ‘friends’ that will find the dark cloud in every silver lining.

You know the ones: They complain about the bed that was too hard in their 5-star hotel in Paris, the wine that wasn’t chilled enough in their business class flight to the Bahamas, the Internet connection is patchy in Perth, their flight was delayed in London, Sydney, Cancun or wherever, their lobster was laborious in Mauritius.

I’m not sure what universe they come from? I think most of us would love the opportunity to be able to fly business class or first class, to go to exotic places, to meet amazing people and to eat ‘master chef’ quality food.

I for one wouldn’t care if my Internet connection is patchy, the service is not entirely up to scratch and the food is not always up to par. I would be focusing on the gift that I have.

So when we whine, let’s reflect on those folks that have less than us (no matter our circumstances) and then maybe, just maybe we will realise we already have more than is due to us and that an attitude of gratitude is probably a better choice than the one that some of us take.

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