Translating your calling into words that people get.

Are you struggling and failing to attract your prospects' attention so that you can sell them what they need?

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Here's the skinny 👆🏻. If it resonates with you, then read the rest of the copy and watch the example videos below.

Apparently, if you and I don't get into video marketing,

we are royally screwed.

  • 91% of consumers prefer video content.
  • Video accounts for 82.5% of all web traffic in 2023!
  • 86% of marketers are using video as a marketing tool.
  • 92% of marketers claim they have gotten good ROI out of video marketing.
  • video content can increase your organic traffic by 157%, boost your conversion rate by 80%, and improve your brand recall by 95%!


Attract more clients with a
Micro-Script Video

In an overwhelming, hyper-paced and attention-deficit world short-form video outperforms any other marketing channel.

Don't Get Left Behind.

If you're not using video as part of your 2024 client acquisition strategy, you're going to be outwitted and outplayed by your competitors who are.

Victory with Video.

Smash 2024. Let me help you attract more business by telling your story in a way that your prospects just get.

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Above is a Micro-Script Video I've crafted for my own brand.

The Micro-Script Video Process

I take your CLC and come up with the right branding and sales story for your ideal client.


I turn your story into 6 key phrases that your ideal client just gets.

I source copyright-compliant photos, videos and music from Canva to reflect your brand essence.

I generate the 45-60 second video in iMovie which you can load onto YouTube or use as a standalone asset on your website, proposals and on your other marketing properties.

You get to check it and make amendments should they be required.

I send you the photos, videos and music so that you are comfortable that I'm reflecting your brand as you wish it to be portrayed.


We set up a 15-minute discovery call just to make sure this is right for where you are now.


I send you a Clarify Your Contribution (CLC) questionnaire so that we get the resonance and register of your marketing message just right.

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"Thanks for the video, Jacques. The BNI brand is beautifully portrayed. It's right on the money."

Abri Hattingh, Regional Director, BNI

There's Riches In Niches e-book. How to identify your core niche so you know who you're serving and how to speak to them.


Charge Like A Grownup e-book. Learn to charge what you're worth and hit the Goldilocks zone with the Perfect Pricing Positioning Model.

Stop Losing Sales Now. Overcome Objections Easily e-book. Learn how to manage and overcome any objection to your offer.

Edge Of The Rain e-book. An essay on how to stop accepting scraps by stepping into your power so that you too can get a seat at the table of success.

The Architecture of Selling e-book. Learn the A-Z sales process so that you can close more deals more consistently.


The resources below are all based on workshops that I run:

LinkedIn: From Connection to Contact in 30 Days e-book. How to get get a sales meeting with your new 1st connection in 30 days or less.


6 Free bonuses (value R4000)

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Jacques captured the essence of my business perfectly with his Micro-Script Video service.

Charles Weyer, professional speaker, coach and team-building authority

Would you like a Micro-Script Video?

Let me craft your remarkable brand story into a compelling video that will resonate with those you seek to influence ... your potential clients.


Remember, not only do you get a 45 - 60 second video that will get the attention of your ideal client, you'll also get free bonuses valued at R4000 to help you attract more clients.


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Translating your calling into words that people get.