February 1, 2016

Two Steps To Your Deepest Desires

By Kirsten Long

Many of my readers have reflected their deepest desires for the coming year to me.

It makes for fascinating reading – these desires reflect a range of human emotions – from deep pain, fear and hopelessness to ambition, hope and excitement.

There are desires for something better for other people. There are many desires reflecting career changes, desires for better relationships and financial success.

Many desires speak of the need for self-acceptance and self-improvement.

All these desires reflect an insight into what is possible when we live and love to our fullest potential.

You know, and I know that a desire remains a desire unless we take action to achieve it.

Contemplate your deepest desire for 2016. Take some quiet time for yourself and explore this deepest desire:

  • Imagine that you have achieved your deepest desire.
  • Describe in detail how your life would be.
  • What would it look like.
  • What would YOU be like.
  • How would your behaviours be different to what they are now?
  • How would your thinking be different to now?
  • What kind of people would you be friends with now?

Leave these answers for a day or two then look at them again.

The first step towards achieving your deepest desire:

  • Start behaving as if you had achieved your desire.
  • Change something about your behaviour that would be in line with your deepest desire.
  • Start today and make this the focus for your next few months. (Warning – if your deepest desire is to be rich – don’t go spending money you don’t have!!)

Some examples:

  • If you want a new house, make your current house as beautiful as possible. Clear out the clutter. Brighten with cushions. Re-arrange your furniture.
  • If you want a new job, focus on being the best you can be in your current job
  • If you want a new relationship, focus on loving yourself.
  • If you want to be healthier, focus on saying “No thanks, I don’t eat that”.
  • If you want to be happier, focus daily on what’s right and working in your life.

Here’s the second step:

Get your thinking in line with living your desire. We tell ourselves stories by repeating thoughts over and over again. Look closely at the thoughts that you regularly repeat to yourself:

  • I’m so irritated
  • I’m so tired
  • I must carry on
  • Life’s unfair
  • I’m useless
  • I don’t deserve this
  • Nothing ever works
  • ETC ETC.

So you want a relationship? Make sure your self talk reflects that you are lovable, desirable and worthwhile being around.

You want a new job? Make sure your self talk supports this. Rather than thinking that you’re never going to get a job, think about your enormous potential,and how much you have to offer.

You want a new house? Rather that thinking you’ll never afford it, think about how you can afford it.

You want to be less serious about life? Rather than thinking about how hard life is, think about what you can do in our day to make it more fun.

My deepest desire for 2o16 is not to take life too seriously – to laugh and play more.

My new behaviour: night time reading will be novels (instead of non-fiction books!)

My new thinking: It’s OK to have fun now. Rather than I really should carry on working.

Of course – there’s nothing like putting it out there to solidify your commitment so leave a comment sharing your two steps… and I’ll remind you about them every now and again!

May 2016 be your best year yet.
My thought has been shaped by books;
My desires by pictures.
Mason Cooley

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