September 22, 2023

True or False: Your subject line is the #1 reason subscribers open your email.

I created a poll (above) on LinkedIn, and the response was overwhelmingly in favour of the subject line. 

I would have thought so too, until I saw this (below) from a MailChimp expert.

Whilst the subject line is important, the sender’s name is more important. If you opened this mail, it’s probably because I’ve built a relationship with you over time via email.

Assuming that I generally send good valuable content, and you trust me to, when you see my name appear in your inbox, you’re more likely to open the email.

I go bananas for statistics, and I monitor every email campaign I send out. The case study below validates the ‘sender name’ hypothesis. 

Case Study – PechaKucha Campaign

Recently I sent out an invitation to PechaKucha event on 9 November to my email database that has been getting my messages for a year.

I sent out one email with a mundane headline, and got this (below) response.

For those of you who know about email marketing, take into account my database is just under 500, so the result below is phenomenal.

By the way, each of the 10 speakers at PechaKucha, have a unique link like the one above. They’re averaging 14 visitors each to my 109. This means that they don’t have email databases of any consequence, and are relying on social media.

I’m convinced that this could be problematic for them in their own businesses in the long run not to consider an email strategy. 

I’m A Fan Of Relationship Marketing

It plays a crucial role in the success of any business. But, it’s a long game.

In my experience, email is the best way to nurture relationships (at a larger scale).

I’ve been running relationship nurturing campaigns for some of my clients, and they are yielding good results.

>>> If you want to learn how to create a sustainable system for building relationships with your prospects and clients, contact me here. <<<

I’ll run you through the process so that you can make an informed decision if it’s the right route for you to go.

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