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Resonant Leadership

The Holy Grail for most leaders is to get their employees to follow them to the ends of the earth with passion, purpose and resolve so that they can complete any mission in front of them.

The reality is that many leaders face a situation where they have disengaged employees who come to work for nothing more than a paycheque.

Leaders have to take some responsibility for this state of affairs. Most employees want to aspire to work for something bigger than themselves … a noble purpose, for want of a better word.

It is up to leaders to create a culture that inspires employees to become the best version of themselves and in the process do work that makes them proud.

The Resonant Leadership Course aims to repair the gap that has sprung up between leaders and employees so that everyone is set up to succeed.

The course imparts the leadership lessons from great warrior cultures like the Spartans, Macedonians and Romans. It shares the knowledge of purpose-driven philosophies like those of Simon Sinek and Joseph Jaworski. Its self-leadership aspects are heavily influenced by the works of Carlos Castaneda, arcane spiritual and military philosophy.

What You’ll Learn

    • How to create a story narrative that propels employees to a common purpose
    • How to care and grow your employees
    • How to empower employees so that they succeed in any endeavour
    • How to coach effectively
    • How to hold employees accountable
    • How to build a culture of setting the other up to succeed
    • How to get your employees to come to work for something bigger than a paycheque
    • How to win your inner battles
    • How to turn a competitive culture into a cooperative one

Jacques has an uncanny ability to turn the expected upside down and to look at it from another perspective. He often plays the role of Devil’s Advocate, inviting people to consider other aspects of a decision or idea. Jacques is extremely well-read and offers insightful ideas on a range of subjects. He is a thought-provoking and humorous presenter that knows how to connect with his audience. Kirsten Long, Coach4Life

Jacques is the most intelligent and fun presenter. His drive to keep learning makes his teaching very relevant. Jacques is always current and the manner in which he imparts knowledge is unique. His style is both entertaining and deep. Adele Biani, CEO, Front Foot

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