July 24, 2015

Three Lessons About Talent From Monks


In his article,Eric Traub suggests the corporate world has much to learn from how Tibetan Buddhist monks learn. Whether in business, extreme sports, online gaming, or other fields, there are patterns to how individuals organize for mutual learning and achieve higher levels of performance. The patterns that Eric Traub found in the Tibetan monks include:

  • Cultivate dispositions rather than train for skills
  • Build “creation spaces” to enhance learning
  • Create environments of “play”

For leaders and managers, the example of the Drepung monks raises three questions:

  • What are the most important dispositions to hire for and to cultivate in today’s economy?
  • What organizational policies, silos, or practices inhibit practitioners from connecting with those they can learn from?
  • How can I foster an environment that enhances engagement and allows for risk taking and learning from failures?

To read the original article: Three lessons about talent from Tibetan Buddhist monks