August 27, 2010

Think of the Web like a City

Here's an interesting take on the Web that I found this in David Meerman Scott's book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR. It may help you target and tailor your Internet Marketing message a little differently.

Corporate sites are the storefronts on Main Street peddling wares. Craigslist is like the bulletin board at the entrance of the corner store; eBay, a garage sale; Amazon, a bookstore replete with patrons anxious to give you their two cents.

Mainstream media sites like the New York Times online are the newspapers of the city. Chat rooms and forums are the pubs and saloons of the online world.

You've even got the wrong-side-of-the-tracks spots: the Web's adult-entertainment and spam underbelly.


2 Comments on “Think of the Web like a City

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