March 18, 2008

The world is kak scared of China

China’s latest heavy-handedness on Tibetan demonstrators (at last count 80 dead) has barely caused a whisper amongst the nations of the world. South Africa’s silence is deafening. You’d think that more than 1-million deaths in Tibet at the hands of the Chinese would get people on their hind legs baying for this oppressive regime to stop (by my count 1-million people dead … that’s genocide, isn’t it?)

It seems that nobody wants to upset the Chinese and/or the Olympics. I suppose that’s because China has systematically invested heavily in almost every country, including South Africa. So, nobody wants to bite the hand that feeds it. The USA is also quiet – I suppose its afraid that China will nuke it (they have 20 or so nuclear silos in uranium-rich Tibet, alone).

I think it’s a crying shame and a serious blot on the world’s copybook.

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