November 6, 2013

The Millionaire Messenger

Book Review - The Millionaire Messenger

Book Review: The Millionaire Messenger – Bredan Burchard

I wrote this book review for Southern Africa’s only professional speakers body, the PSASA’s November 2013 newsletter.

This may be one of the most important books ever written for what is known as the motivational speakers industry  … in my opinion, bigger than Dotty Walters’s classic, Speak and Grow Rich. And that’s no mean feat.

After reading the book the only thing that rattled around the inside of my head was, “Stop billing yourself as a professional speaker, motivational speaker, business speaker, conference speaker … if you want to make real money, that is!”

Brendon Burchard has, like an Alexandrian sword, sliced through a Gordian knot of complexity that is the speaking business, and opened up an Asia of possibility for the industry.

His message is simple:

  • If you define yourself as a professional speaker and think you’re going to make it big, you’re sorely mistaken.
  • But if you set up your shingle as ‘an expert who has a valuable message to share’, then you might just thrive.
  • You are selling yourself short by positioning yourself as ‘an expert who speaks’ because it is such a small part of how you get your message out.

Incidentally, this is the clarion call on the PSASA’s website … Southern African Experts Who Speak. So, is it any wonder that we are so hot for speaking gigs?  In the PSASA we all have some kind of expert message we want to share. For want of a better word, we are advice gurus.

According to Burchard, there are 3 pillars that define us as advice gurus:

The Results Expert – Never forget that on the highway of life, you have come further than many others, and the lessons you have learned are both helpful and valuable to others.

You know more than most in your area of expertise, don’t you? Thus, you have something valuable to teach.  Burchard says that the most lucrative topics in the expert industry are:

  • Motivation advice
  • Leadership advice
  • Financial advice
  • Business advice
  • Marketing advice
  • Relationship advice
  • Spiritual advice
  • Style advice
  • Productivity advice


The Research Expert – Never forget that experts are students first and that you can go research any topic and become an “expert” in that area, starting now.

The Role Model – Never forget that people listen to those they trust, respect, admire and follow – they listen to role models.

I’ve no doubt that most of us in the PSASA have the 3 pillars in place when it comes to being an expert.  So, do you still want to speak for a living?  No you don’t, you want to spread your valuable message for a living through more channels than just speaking:

  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Giving seminars
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Online marketing


I’m convinced that when you read The Millionaire Messenger, you’ll fundamentally change the way you look at the ‘speaking business’.  I’m sure that you’ll understand that there is no way most of us can ‘Speak and Grow Rich’.

But if we write, speak, give seminars, coach, consult and market online we may have a better than even chance of growing rich!

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