April 20, 2021

The Magicians Way Book Review

The Magicians Way Book Review by Jacques de Villiers

The Magician’s Way: What It Really Takes to Find Your Treasure by William Whitecloud

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This piece of text was recommended to me by a colleague in Noordhoek, South Africa. I’m glad that I got to read it. William Whitecloud’s take on navigating life is a compelling read.

He gives the seven secrets to magic, including:

1. Your thoughts and feelings aren’t real
2. Your focus creates your reality
3. You get your energy from a higher source

These aphorisms are not new by any stretch of the imagination, but he has put an interesting take on them by way of analogy (using golf and cycling).

If you’re interested in how to navigate this human experience elegantly and elegantly using metaphysical devices, this is a good introduction to this world.

The text generally resonates with my view of the world except for one part. It leans heavily on the side of ‘self’ centred and not other centric. It’s about using the inner game to get outward success for oneself. That’s not part of my register as my view of the world is firmly about setting the other up for success. This is my idiosyncrasy and by no means diminishes the value of this book.

There’s one piece that I 100% concur with: You’re a guide, that’s your nature. You’re the man who keeps everyone on the road and leads them to their palaces (that’s other centric).

It is an appropriate piece of text and a great starting point to further discovery of what it takes to succeed both in the inner world and outer world.

I would recommend that Whitecloud crafts an updated edition to cater for today’s inclusion-based society where the use, say for example of ‘man’ could appear to be exclusionary. This is a fine point, I know, but today’s author needs to be culturally sensitive.

This a beautifully crafted piece of text and well worth the read.
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