Yoke van Dam, Neurolinguistic Practitioner

Yoke Van Dam, neurolinguistic practitioner and Jacques de Villiers

Jacques was our keynote speaker at the combined induction dinner of Golden Gavel Advanced Toastmasters and 4th Dimension Toastmasters.

Jacques is a natural storyteller, he has the unique gift of taking the audience on a journey with him.

The audience will participate with heartfelt laughter and then he will end every story off with a deep message.

When Jacques deliver a message it has longevity and impact.

He motivates and inspires an audience by being vulnerable and sharing his own lessons learnt.

I will recommend any organisation to hire Jacques as your keynote speaker if you want someone with authenticity, who walks his talk, who is congruent with what he does and who will openly also share his past “failures”, but as we all know, there is nothing like failure only feedback.

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