Ray Patterson

Sales Trainer Ray Patterson and professional speaker Jacques de Villiers

Jacques is a unique individual when it comes to training and speaking. Not only is he an experienced “Marketing man” and an experienced “Salesman” but he is also an “IT GEEK!” Jacques presentations are filled with useful ideas, up to date statistical information and of course his infectious humour. When […]

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Michael Leander, Global Speaker

Michael Leander, global speaker and Jacques de Villiers

Meeting Jacques was one of the highlights of my trip to Iran. Apart from being an expert speaker, trainer and consultant, Jacques is a really nice guy. Popular with the Iranian audience he presented for, Jacques provided highly valuable information relating to sales, content marketing and copywriting. His successful sales […]

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Ian Rheeder, Marketing Expert and Professional Speaker

Ian Rheeder talks about Jacques de Villiers, motivational and spiritual speaker

During his tenure, Jacques de Villiers organised a high standard of speaker engagements for the monthly PSA meetings. Most impressive was the marked attendance increase. I would also recommend Jacques as a speaker. Out of twenty international conference speakers, Jacques won the 2nd best speaker award at a recent conference […]

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Robin Pullen, Professional Speaker

Professional speaker Robin Pullen and Jacques de Villiers

It has been said that many a man will fail because a lack of or just a poor vision. It can be said that the downfall of many a team is similarly a lack of vision. If there was one thing that Jacques de Villiers can do is ensure that […]

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Yoke van Dam, Neurolinguistic Practitioner

Yoke Van Dam, neurolinguistic practitioner and Jacques de Villiers

Jacques was our keynote speaker at the combined induction dinner of Golden Gavel Advanced Toastmasters and 4th Dimension Toastmasters. Jacques is a natural storyteller, he has the unique gift of taking the audience on a journey with him. The audience will participate with heartfelt laughter and then he will end […]

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Kirsten Long, co-founder, Coaching Culture Clubs

Coaching Culture Club Co-Founder, Kirsten Long talks about Jacques de Villiers

Jacques has an uncanny ability to turn the expected upside down and to look at it from another perspective. He often plays the role of Devil’s advocate, inviting people to consider other aspects of a decision or idea. Jacques is extremely well-read and offers insightful ideas on a range of […]

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Paul du Toit, Presentation Skills Expert

Exceptional Speaker Author Paul du Toit

I have known Jacques for over 14 years and have been privileged to attend a number of his sales talks and workshops over the years. Not only is he a highly entertaining speaker and facilitator, but every time I listen to his sales wisdom I have implemented one or more […]

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Kirsty Coetzee, Marketing, Tinswalo Lodges

Testimonial for sales motivational speaker by Kirsty Coetzee

A while ago, I was given the opportunity to attend a sales training workshop by Jacques, and was pleasantly surprised – he’s a compelling (and hilarious) speaker, an expert in his field, with a quirky, relatable personality. He exceeds expectations, does business with integrity, and genuinely just a pleasure to […]

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