May 6, 2014

Team Success – Critical Criterion IV

The Behavior of Team Members is Value Driven

When a person is value driven in their behavior they are able to differentiate between what is expedient and what is correct in any given situation and they act on the basis of what is correct. This suggests that value driven behavior is a subset of the requirement of team membership because it is yet another attribute of the capacity to act for reasons that are higher than self interest.

This further implies that there is a clear understanding of and articulacy in core values among members of the team and what the behavioral implications of value driven behavior are. The limits of the legitimacy of the team’s requirement to the team member’s subordination to the team’s agenda are reached when the team’s agenda comes into conflict with core values.

For example, when the requirement of the team is that a team member should do something which is fundamentally unjust to pursue the agenda of the team, then it is appropriate for the team member to break ranks and act on the basis of what is right, rather than what is in the interest of the team.

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