October 24, 2008


A strange thing happened to me in October. Actually, a lot of strange things. I've been having a number of synchronous events:

  1. I was reading an article by Glynnis Horing in the latest Cosmopolitan. 20 minutes later I get a phone call from Glynnis Horing asking me questions for an article she's writing. I've never spoken to Glynnis before.
  2. As I walked into Truworths to pay my account, I got an sms from Truworths asking me to pay my account.
  3. A girl by the name of Elena phoned me in the evening trying to set up a time for me to meet her and her partner to discuss a business venture. I couldn't hear properly and didn't know who was on the line. So, I asked her to send me an email so that I could figure out who I was speaking to. The next morning I was having a coffee at House of Coffees in Sandton City. This girl taps me on the shoulder and says, "It's Elena, we spoke last night."

Too many coincidences to be flukes, don't you think?

Jacques de Villiers runs public sales training seminars in South Africa.

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