August 4, 2021

Superhuman Sales LinkedIn Profile For Kai Cranko

Kai Cranko LinkedIn Profile

Co-Founder and Managing Director of Superhuman Sales.

You can check out Kai’s LinkedIn profile here.

I have a passion for growing businesses and connecting people to the right opportunity at the right time. This led me to co-found Superhuman Sales.

My extensive experience in business development has taught me the value of a real lead. This enables us to deliver the only results that really matter – connecting our customers to their ideal target audience, anywhere in the world.

I’m Kai, and my job is to help you get in front of your ideal client. My path wasn’t always so clear. I’m dyslexic which forced me to outwork everyone, just to get started. I was frustrated that I got my letters back to front and struggled to answer questions, but I was determined to create a meaningful life for myself and my family. The life that I didn’t have growing up.

I hustled hard and managed to pass high school with a full bursary, graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration and took up chess, golf and martial arts (these helped me with strategy, focus and mental toughness).

“The struggle is guaranteed, success is not.” – Tom Bilyeu

Having created real meaningful success through selling (while I worked and studied at the same time), I developed a cold calling methodology that later became the framework that we use today to automate much of the initial sales process, without the need for cold calling.

I set myself goals and many of them have been realised. This has shown me that the path you choose is ultimately in your hands and you have the power to steer it where you want to go – what you want is attainable.

“Why would your story have any bearing on me, Kai?” you may ask.

My answer would be that I bring the same grit, determination and out-of-the-box thinking to my Superhuman Sales clients.

To honour those that believed in me, I pay it forward by serving my clients and doing whatever it takes to help them succeed.

If you want someone in your corner to help you generate quality sales leads and real return on your investment, then I’d love to chat.

Let me help you write a LinkedIn profile that turns visitors into prospects, prospects into customers and customers into superfans. Find out the details and the investment, here.

Photo Credit: Superhuman Sales

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