March 20, 2015

Suggested Research Topics

Based on primary research done at the South African Chamber of Mines Research organization, the understanding of my colleagues and I of the relationship between the intent to serve and human excellence was first explored in the realm of understanding leadership.

Subsequently, what became apparent was that if subordinates found that their superiors had a genuine interest in them and were seen to be in the relationship to grow their subordinates; the leadership in organization was considered legitimate and worthy of calling on the loyalty and support of their people. In other words, when leaders serve they build strong hierarchies that are not just based on control and the demand for compliance, but are actually based on willing commitment and loyalty.

Further to this, it was found that peer groups were weak when they were made up of individuals who were principally pursuing their self interest and they were strong when people were motivated by the intend to contribute to something bigger than themselves and to set up their peers to succeed. In other words, peers relationships are strong on the basis of the intent to serve.

Finally it was demonstrated that when the individual acts on the basis of their immediate self-interest they are demonstrably immature and experience discontent, insecurity, victimhood and conflict with the world around them. On the other hand, the degree to which an individual genuinely acts on the basis of the intent to give, is the degree to which they are experienced as mature and they themselves experience security, fulfillment, power and harmony with the world around them.

This suggests that the intent to serve or give accounts for excellence in hierarchies (the realm of the political), in peer relationships (the realm of the social) and in the self (the realm of the psyche). It infers that the issue of intent provides a key to a unified field of theory for all the human sciences and thus opens up a vast field of exploration and endeavor that can completely revolutionize our investigation into and understanding of the human being. For a short introduction to the core ideas please view:

In time what we hope to achieve is for students pursuing postgraduate studies in any of the social sciences to research how the issue of intent plays out in the discipline that they are studying. More immediately, however, the following topics can be easily researched on the basis of insights already gained and material already available:

  • The Care and Growth Model and Performance Excellence in Organizations
  • Care and Growth and Safety in Manufacturing or Mining environments
  • The implication of Care and Growth for Education
  • The Intent to Serve and Team Excellence
  • The Intent to Serve and Citizenship
  • The Intent to Serve and Happiness

Should anyone be interested please contact me: